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What about Bayonetta's "Tentacles why'd it have to be tentacles?" reference in the first game from Indiana Jones' line "Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?"

Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns

This is the saddest video from this channel that I have ever watched


RIP BF! 2:06 The first known writings of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Liam Dixon

1:42! LOL :D

Dlexy 101

Who saw the James fav T-shirt at the bus station?

areej Mu

I'm crying now

Gabe Derousse

I'm just guessing that is u look closely at the pandas shoes it matches the shoes on the guy that is riding the orange bike

That Guy



Punch Club easter eggs would Be Sweet

Vanessa Angeles

That's what I felt like when my grandma and grandpa died in a car crash and my grandma died of sickness


Tom my bb


Noticed at some parts that the townspeople from Arendelle followed the gang.(like that moving fire part.

Ginger Gamer Plays

Please can you go to my brother Chanel called ginger gamer plays

The Cookie Girl Gamer

Im glad their ok but around 3:57 It felt like a add..

Demir Octour


Howdy Yeeyee

If I was you, before I go into Kemo therapy I would make my hair into a wig


Approaching this problem from a mental health or psychological perspective is lacking a major ingredient. Spiritual war is real.

Snoop Ham

God and Jesus are always there it talk

Lit Boy 21

Film with Alshon jeffery

Luke Skywalker

flour is actually a really good combustable (cinnamon and cornstarch too) when you mix it with lots of oxygen like how they did with the explosion thats why it was followed by a large fire ball and very little of what they started with was there.


died at 5:49

Albe Gian

6:54 - 7:00 Sexy cursor ewe

Some random person

He doesn't deserve her

Sammy Bienenstock

I want to meet them

Levi No

Who would have thought that something in the movies weren’t like real life.

Omar Ghamdi

The new man is greeeeeeat😱😱


Thank you, I wasn't feeling to sleep tonight anyway.


at 4:50 you walked right buy another Easter egg with the sporks. If you find the right angle they spell out something ;) Someone also already pointed out the hand of the dark brotherhood, there is many more Easter eggs at this location for some reason.

Daryl Hadvard

I bet you had the most fun placing those bottles than actually play the game.

karmanto geming #089



wasnt finest hour like way ahead of its time for games because they spent their funding for two games on this one, activision should have funded them to make the other one

Tessa M

hockey world record

Elias alejandro Del Rio

Best youtuber ever!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💚💜💜💙