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Ricky won 1 time and almost has as hutch wins than Coby

ISitOn MyArm

1:21 am I the only one who thinks he looks like Murr from impractical jokers?


When's the 100k sub/ 100th video special coming out

Furry Child

My theme song

OG Dollar

My litle sis died

Wolf Master

Girl:Muuuuum!! MUUUUUUUUM!!

Da beast

3:23 that is not Ty’s mom that’s Cody’s mom

Acromatic BoyZ

It is was checkers I support them

Daksh jain

Can next be hockey or tennis ??

Anna Batshon

" I don't wanna say the guy was psychopath" 4:32 yet the video is titled A Psychopath Broke Into My House loll

sergio erick

the won is gta 5

It's time for some fun

You featured every sport except swimming!!


2019 anyone?

Natalie princesspurplepie


CHK 47

In this case you could use dual pistols and be very op

Anmol Krishnan

what music

Hey Dude

@FunWithGuru are you going to make an easter egg video about SM Odysse? I‘m just asking bc I think this game has a lot of references ٩( ᐛ )و

Sabina eden Callangan

The is the COOLEST It can say the worldis round my GOSHHHH😱😱😱

Me: 50 minutes later, goes out for pizza.

Dark zero

My parents caused my depression tho

Junwoo PARK

To TylerWhat’s your favorite baseball team?

Roger Sarria

Slim Jesus😂😂

Matt Lee

Do a forth

Vigdis Heida Schopka

Dont judge a book by its cover

Iftikhar Vlogs

Kamla chodas

Coffee Person: Nah Fam u gotti buy them

Azer_ Ghostly

4:10 - 4:20 thats me..

Gabriel Tejada

Iwould love to be in a dunk tank.

lai phan

Who is panda

Elijah Bowron

2018 bro

Louis phelippe Klazer

o olho do macaco meseu

Ivan Kovriga


Firly Berliani


çãllmëpsyçhõ meme

Did anyone miss this artwork?

Phinehas Luhmann

you guys should check out luhmann bro productions


Oh god Suicide Squad what have you done