Today was another green day trading crude oil futures. I left a little bit of money on the table today and could have done a better job letting my winners run longer. A good way to do that is to scale out some of the position and let the rest ride. I hope you are enjoying these futures trading videos!💹 Sign up for my FREE weekly trading tips Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Twitter Like me on Facebook


The eagle and the wolf are Tim and Chad

Because you didn’t get to buy a ticket?


Have u tried that 4 a cow shot u would win?

Or something.


That turkey became a master assassin.

Salim Salin

i love this song but i dont now this song

João Pedro

Im from Brazil but the stereotypes are the same lol

Jake Rossi

that is gay who likes minecraft

Ali sade

Die hard fan men liked and shared

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Raptor Savage373

Did anyone notice that when the twin(I can't tell them apart) said let's blow this thing up it was after he shot it

Massimiliano Cerza

Germany was winner


Why would you want to look pretty...

Florinda Sanchez

So Idk if the picture flips with videos like in a mirror, but it looks like the baby is on the left side of her uterus and I’ve heard that Boy’s are usually on the left side. 💙✨

Kiran Bal

Get well soon ❤💙💚💛💜💕💗💟💐💐

B Time With Braden

10:45 little did he know that wasn’t the last time. Also 8:55 yes he does

Marigold _playz

I don't know if this is real or not but, I believe Taehyung's story about him being bullied and now look at him!

Jack Savard


Điệp Nguyễn

I want tô bottle flip

Lilly Grant


HockeyGirl23 Weiss

These people came to my school

Alive Gorilla

Guru, thanks for your videos , your channel is the best


I am a bit like this.

Rajee V

did he have to say "hey guys, this is the worlds longest basketball shot" each try

Gaven Knapp

Bro bigfoot didnt even blink or twitch..what a savage!

samantha noone


Markus Steiner

Tyler is the winner because gerettet chieded

Jaime I. Herrera C.

How is it possible to see the Millennium Falcon in Star Trek?.. that movie is in the future and Star Wars was a long time ago!!

Eric Cartman

* Innocently whistles while watching video *


That would have been so funny if you did this in those sumo things. Getting them wet probably isn't a great idea anymore.

XxkillerslumberXx X

She better get a gf or i am quitting

Drew Da Great


*my life is over..*


badminton should be next

Mario Ben

i think a7x did i love them

Lele: IM LATINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Wolf

Ty and Garrett should have won the watermelon contest!🍉 Looked great!!!