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Orange Bot_42

7:47 nether portal from Minecraft(A.K.A., Minecrafts version of hell)

Tyler Howard

There is no sound in space


12:27 - BBC creation

Rodrigo Tavares


La Jaguar

I am getting the mini. I love it.


thats impossible to make that far up in a so small basket wow!!!

Andrei Chesnoiu

Reason why i liked this channel is cause you didnt speak ...

Payal Patel

My names Jenny too

Cap'n Frankie

There is another easter egg not shown here but it's random so can't easily be replicated. When you're with another survivor they can randomly comment after a zombie attack stating "You got red on you" which is referencing Shaun of the Dead.

Ruchir Jain

Why did I think this was a new upload from dp...?


There is another legend of zelda reference. When Scott goes to use the bathroom, the great fairy theme is playing.


@goergieonice still...crazy

Fr3ddy VF

Tim is still going through puberty lol

Crunch Jr. H.

I weigh as much as you but for some crazy reason, it is not very noticeable 🤔


I think the one about GoT particularly cool, because Tyrion is accused of one, and guilty of two, maybe hinting that Little Finger planned this to happen

Truevan ASAP

Wait, so your telling me there wasn’t a frozen 2 already?

Jordan Official

this story is almost like my story....

Benjamin Barker

#34 in America

Justin Jacobs

I know. That's pretty cool LOL


I’m not first hahah new it


Disliked because it was just Talos. Disappointed :p

Carlitoast 2