How to Trade Forex Using MetaTrader 4. Make Money From Your Phone! MT4 Walkthrough.

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I really hope T Swift will be on this show once

Asger Haahr

Wasent that the guy from Jurassic park?

Ra Gaming

Bro 5$

The good ole' days...


Sri Chak

This nine year old girl had period and when I found it what it means and creeped me out

Fluffy Dementor

So Spiderman knows Deadpool and Daredevil...

Parkour ADDICT

Its funny how yall think this this is real

Trevor Vecchio

You should do a biggest buck battle Why am I so red neck

deleted user

You would call police

Lainey Dunlap

Idk how you do it.I couldn’t live with it.Its hard enough I have type 2 diabetes ,I couldn’t imagine what you have.Your story will help me realize I am very lucky.I don’t know what to say.God will help you.

Galaxy Wolves

Welp, guess I'm an introvert!

Mace 2.0



yeah, i havnt seen better.

Josh Zaleznik

Do more of these 

Nicoleee /


Leader Blue

This story...its just telling everything that ive went through with my ex, things were great and amazing till something started changing, he would become more and more mad about lil things i do, he started to control me, but i loved him so i ignored it all, thought it was nothing, even now im still here and hurt wanting the old him back and not the new him

Omar Algamdy

I’m Craig😭😭💔


yup, im a introvert...

Charmeleon Hockey Kid

The best thing ever would be if I could meet Elon Musk someday. Please Mr. Musk

Aleks Vizjak


Brendan Smith

its good but can you suck a roundtrees fruit pastel without chewing it????

Hacker Orb

+FunWithGuru Should I pre-order battlefield 1 ?

viral trendz


Jazmin Martinez

When i was growing up i did have a lot of great reward to at school. So i was proud to.


The Peashooter Easter egg is pretty cool in BF4. Also at 7:52, that's an actual place in Goat Simulator

nora amali

I just wish I could jump trough the screen and hug her so hard 💕💕😭😭


Is it me or does she look like chungha a lil bit.


I wonder if my 1060 will mange this game :/

3. Ty

Michelle Gonzalez

I’ve watched this 3 times already

Harris Sharif

That ending lol

ליאור למדן

Liked the idea of how multilingual the game is supposed to be.



masta rayray

I am 9 and I get all of thies jokes

Tigers reborn

flip n dip


RIP panda


I knew that it was checkers

But I am heathy and my sister also died when she was born she choked on somthing