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ilove bacon

I'm glad uncharted 13 got delayed by the zombie apacolips because many people would have been killed if Justin bieber played Nathan drake


Ooo...some things I didn't know. Nice job.

WolfPack Max

I’m team gar


when? I never saw it.

Joanne Espejo

100,000 likes= who loves dude perfect because everyone likes golf


Just noticed this was posted on my birthday lol😅

Natnael Walton

I had PTSD when I was 7 it went good in 4 grade I still have little of it

Pandicornia YT


ΛZΞ boi PL



This is so sad...

DD Sports Productions

I hate Gucci gang

SKT juks

Panda trust like a brother beacuse he is your brother Mr.P

Jarron Jensen

I'm team Coby

Jazmyn Elric

Voldemort should really start an ASMR channel

Blake Strong

Going Gold

For him? 1..

although , sometimes , others were the ones to blatantly compare me and proudly say it to my face . making me feel so inadequate and inferior . and before i knew it , i already fall back into bad habits and severe depression .

Lewys Cousins

It's likely like a Marvel movie with this action music 😂



A Quiet Place would be a good movie for ASMR as well

Caden Fraser

Cory or coby (can’t tell) is trying so hard not to laugh @ 0:57


isaac minchow


Anmol Bachani

The doctor is the hero of the story


Really well done :)

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J Laksmono

wow your editing skill is.. making me speechless, can you make a video teaching how to do it? or is it a top secret lol

Doesn't make me happy to yell

Kouki The alien



Moral of the story : never ignored your mom

They also drove slowly to give my mom’s belly chance to decrease in size before going into hospital

Cody Phalen

Looks good so far but will it stay this way 🤔?...


The pants guy is literally my younger brother 😂

Audrey and Landon

Jeffree: I love sucking

The Rogue Avenger

Who’s here once they’ve announced the US tour?


They’ve probably eaten those fish already at a restaurant lol

Joel be like

Alejandro Viana

hey guys look every video you guys make are awsome. i think like meeting you guys sometime ok thanks, pretty good videos you guys made.

Armaan Gill

What's Texas


In Chapter 3, when tailing the guy if you look behind you can see those 3 handbots following you in a white coat- the same one after talking to Eva.


The Witcher 3 is pretty sweet, it has some really nice references in it too. I wasn't expected to make a full episode on this but they upped their easter egg game from last time. I hope you guys enjoy and thanks for watching!

epar ti