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Yesitz. RaeRae

She obviously didn't die cause she's writing this story😌


Where my 2017 ppl

My name is Brian

Alexandros Aleuth

omg this is so creepy  !!!   how they put  the enemies  from Left 4 Dead in this company ????  did they bought copyrights ??   I can only to say  or they are the same people who  made the videogame + this movie  or    all companies are in  illuminaty system  !! 

Stoopid Monkey

W8. .. how old is fallout 2 and southpark?!

Sulli Keen

dont let ur dreams be dreams just do it



You are the best easter egg explorer, i have never seen better Easter eggs then this!


Hey I did the job for your kids

Wizard Gab

DC lied to us... Just believe in Marvel and you will be fine!

AceGamesYT Gamer

I know it might be alittle to late for this but u guys should do back to school stereotypes


This narration is TERRIBLE.

Donatello Hamato

I kinda hate her. And now we know why she's alone.

Most of humanity just loves judging others failer while boast their own success.humanity is a big ball of ego on a rock barely able to hold it.humanity is mostlikely going to fail cuz of ego.

Reiko Evans

You should do more


░▄▀ █▄▀█ ░█░ ▄▀▀▄


Cool video

Pineapple Pleb

My grandma had a stroke, my dad saw her lying on the sidewalk in front of her house by her mailbox. She was there for three hours. At least she lived and she’s still alive today. She just has a little trouble speaking.

Endless Bløøm


Phill With an F


'Cause they'll do that job for me while I hop on a plane


you should buy it / put like 'songs copyrighted to perpective owner' or shit

Cat S

4:50 is a whole mood. This is how I feel.

P. luna

the feels ;-;


omg this is scary

famously anonymous

True story but at my apartment there was this guy literally screaming benching 120lbs and this was when I was 14 and by that point I could bench up to 165lbs

Dorian Cabrera

Se acostó temprano, mañana hay que estudiar, eh

Luke Larkin


Ashikaga Yoshiteru

guru if you wonder thats my punishment for the haters and i hope the shut up i like you guru i learn to find eastereggs because of you your the best

Douglas Riley

How do you do This


Dude perfect and your friends you should play basketball

Matthew Pacey

Everyone: This video is homophobic at it's core and there is nothing you can do to make it better

King Dragon Gaming


iii_HiShadowPlayzz_iii YT

I eat too much

Andrew Gabriel

Scumbag raptrap fans cheering on an injured man, what cunts

Amanda Davis

This is probably the most confusing trailer I've ever watched


Hit or miss

Обними славян

9:51 yes I know what you're talking about I have some and they are for a vacuum system. So if you don't want like a portable vacuum that you have to move around to different parts of you're house you just pop the cover off and there's a vacuum duct and you attach a vacuum sucking head Idk what you call em but then you turn on the vacuum system downstairs in your basement and you just start vacuuming. I have some around my house and let ke tell you its very helpfull

Andrew Manzani

"This gun is only found in the first Modern Warfare"