How to Trade with MACD and Stochastic

Here I go over the proper use of indicators. They are not to be used as your primary source of information when judging whether or not to take a trade. We use indicators as FURTHER CONFIRMATION of strong support and resistance levels.For more information on Stochastic click here:is a link to a website I found that helps you understand how to trade pullbacks you trying to come up with a trading strategy?One of the best places to start is understand a few basics of trading like price action bars, support and resistance levels, trend lines etc.Do you trade options, commodities, or futures?All of the advice that I give on this channel is applicable to All markets.Looking for more tips on how to trade? Check out this link to my video about "How To Read the Market"NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, YOU DON'T NEED A DEGREE TO BE A PROFITABLE TRADER! YOU CAN DO IT! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!


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