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This is exactly what happened to warriors n kd. 🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌘🌑🌔🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑

E Lala


Jesse Landlord

Sooo this is like that zombie event we had awhile back but better?

me:thx now go die in a hole


what happens if u teleport to groom lake???

Slame Shady

How do you find those easter eggs? (Im bad at english

Freds James

Mean the giveaway

And on the second day, she kept saying how me and a boy would make such a great couple and bla bla bla.

Betre M

Like Elon Musk:*Retweets to twitter* I'm going to pray for you and your family. Take your time to heal and mend your lives back together. We understand. Love yall. RIP Diamond 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

Bmx Earl an Gabe

i love you guys

The Tigers

I was born at 28weeks I nearly died I was 2 pounds

New Creation

Overtime song was so cool

bir futbol sevdası

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Can we also get the likes to 500k?


the ace fam is at 16 million!!

Rashdur Khan

Chatting dosent mean sexting I text my dad it's nothing bad ..

Big Oof

It was some bad wind and he ran out of fuel and either he falls on road or lands on building he saved 2 people R.I.P my loving friend

Az obicham Doktor Pol

Even if I tell anyone about it they won't understand. How can they understand if I can't understand my own feelings too? What's the point of trying to fix myself when I know that the old happy me is already dead and that the new useless me can't be changed?

VK Media

Harry Kane...wait what!!!

Sparky 001

Why whenever the narrator cries, i don't even feel sad, but neutral.


What do you use to edit???

Cosmic Biscuit

The editor just got a new sound pack.

They're SOO cute:)

em D

God do I feel Joe's pain man

We are the Youmans Family

she's saying that jock murdered her

Brady Hicks

Cool video Watching it all the time

YIAY 500 an hour long

Diego Hernandez


Link: aM i A jOKe tO yOU??!1!1!

Jenny Rogers

The Statue of Liberty

Kenson Lefeber

Thank you for all of your videos they never git old.

3:51 star trek: deep space nine

Chandler Browning

Plastic golfneeds another video

Human Being

even blobfish are beautiful you little s h i t s

Oak IPad

My Dream Is To Work 4 Epic Game's. I Have A Lot Of Idea's 4 Them.

Justme Yram

So basically you can’t do anything without it.

Unknown Lol

Why ty always wins...?

And Loc

34 mil subs WOW


Haha, your Saint's Row guy is Old Gregg!

Julie Starosta

Actually she is not the only healthy person in her family she was very mentally ill. Like depression,and self harm.

Bryce Banks

Like if you saw panda knocking down the defending bags!

Since she told me this week trusted each other more with each of our stories and good or bad moments in our lives. I'm very glad to now call the mysterious girl my best friend!


Caleb L lol

Emmett Barry

:) I love it man or should I say dude

Yah Haha jd

I think the plane yeeted them to hard

Da MuffinMan is BACK

The jet stream shot is in fucking sane

Kinzi Allen

Are the dogs okay?


Just turn on Keep Inventory 4head




im not really sure what kind of disoder i got myself into - sympoms include depression, mood swings and extreme emotions, suicidal thoughts and an unhealthy dose of selfhate. also - gigantic guilt complex. why am i telling you this? after my relationship of 9 years broke and i had nothing more to lose left i reached ot for help. in two month ill be in theraphy and hopefully know more. dont let yourself down - we are all humans after all