Ichimoku Cloud (Advanced)

This video highlights different ways to use the Ichimoku cloud, including ways of interpreting volatility and utilizing the lagging span. Get the Guide to Order Book Trading here, which comes with access to our exclusive day trading group + 3 exclusive videos! The link below comes with a discount: out my other guides here: Discord Chat: a video on Patreon: _________________________________________________________________________________________________Disclaimer: The content covered in this video is NOT investment advice and I am not a financial advisor. The material covered within these videos is for educational purposes only. Always do your own research and only invest based on your own findings and personal judgment. Happy Trading!

ODH_ Noodle

11 me to

Caleb Coelho

So how about you guys show all the attempts at these tricks before you actually get it right. 🤔😐🤣

Akansha Mehta

Coby could win if he tries💪🤔


''Flame attributed'' Conference call + The Bee + Slayer of Terramorphus + Vault Hunter's Relic = Prepared for the first dlc.

Taylor and Lucia

Narrator: beautiful red hair

Justin Ramos

He is probably a BOT

Joshua Amador-Coppin

All the comments are about how people with BPD are some of the worst most abusive and evil people out there. I have BPD and have lost every single friend I've ever had because this disease destroyed my sense of being a rational person and reading about how other people with BPD have hurt others... I know I have to kill myself to make the world a little better with one less BPD infected person walking around.

alyssa loves wolves


Dark Hades

Did anyone notice... Coby is wearing the same shorts as the last dizzy battle video......LOL

Linathi Dlokolo

Love the song

Dead Wire

Love your videos

Hi Mom

dials moms #

Adithya Sajeev

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Im not buying that child for 10,000$ well i would if it wad a fur child..

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Jenn S

You remind me of someone named Oliver Queen...kinda

SodaMay Jones

But to be honest I would have been like okay bye you do you but I know to many stories about this and would have just hanged up. Tf?

Person A

Who knew the creatorS of PUMA and ADIDAS are related?

Harry Walsh

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EpicBoy 1

Who else is watching this in summer? 😂😂😂

Jackson Gammel

“Wat the bagibis”LOL XD

Dana T

I have been watching you guys for 5-6 years now and I was so incredibly happy when I found out you guys are gonna be parents! Good luck and I hope to have just as an amazing experience when I have kids, I honestly love you guys. Hila is a B E A S T and you’re doing great my guy❤️😭


You are so right

Jen Salonga



xD i live in finland and it still 6.7 when i watch this hehe

Bisca Mauline

well my bf is hurting me physically sometimes I come home with a black eye. my mother always sue him but I refuse because I love him so much. I know someday he will change.

Joe's Mobile Gaming

You look like Daniel Bryan

Hope Horton


Mi'kell Odems

God bless y'all


This art makes me feel worse

Marte XD

Shit, I'm hungry now.


Still remember when you did the mirrors edge Easter egg video! One of the best youtubers around guru keep it up!

Dunja Bogojevic

5:27 and making them even more lazier


The guy that voices PAC is Nick from deadrising3

mom doesn't understand


How they can't do that

dimana nakova

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Thank Yee

For the first one you could have just said i like nukes