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There's 6 billion

ritche parenas

Do toy shop stereotypes

Patricia Pritchard

Some sequels are worth melting for.........😂🌹❤


how many years did you practice

Tony Martinez

Cowboys need a WR

Shir Ng

My mum says you might poop if you got the baby out too

Billy Fahy

you guys should do a patriots edition

Rishi Dinesh

🐼 suffering. I know it's a he and he's white. I saw his face 4:35 go super slow speed

nikon tori

Dude Decent

ThatOneGayGuyBlake TM

I'm a man living as a woman

Hui Pan

And that he didn't rage quit :)

Griselda Zepeda

OMG the picture shows Tyler sticking up the middle finger

Just another Youtube commenter

1. Who's watching May 2017??2. How many live grenades were used in the making of that last trickshot? xD

Grayson: I was looking at umbrellas

Caroline Billnert



It must took a lot of time to spot these Easter eggs

Adrian Salinas

Dak Prescott trick shots


TheMrMaso Masson

none is my favourite... these are just too easy..

Frank Brito

4:25 punt a jew

Austin Dougherty

dude perfect is awesome at sport 5⭐


If there are no adds then people can't get paid on youtube for making videos so they need to get a job and they cant make as many or as good of videos.

Willy Bonka

Happy new year Guru! I’ve come down with a cough recently but your videos always help out, thank you again

asme R

gladly im from malaysia

Sanjan GB

Pubg Mobile battle


halo or 4 days worth of food

Zarry is real and all i need 1D girl

You, Lele and Rudy uploaded at the same time i was like what should i watch first so i watched Lele's and now Juanpa then Rudy

Gamer J55

I think I know who panda is now

Manda Infinity

Oof I'm early In the 1st level of Duke Nukem 64 go to the camera on the theater, press the action button (A) on the wall that has a fire extinguisher on it and the wall will open a secret room where you´ll see Ellen Ripley trapped on one of those alien shell kinda things


Do a show in Vancouver

Brayden Hurst


The Legendary Pootis Man


Luke Kavanagh

The metro games are considered horror?

Indra Mendez

You are the best channel ever