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S.H tv

Real Madrid!!!!


Song at 4:16 ?


2018 anyone? 😂

Serena M.

So smooth! Ugh I love it

hailey able

I know what u were going through but all I need u to no is it is NOT your fault and it's ok and life is hard sometimes but we adventaly get through it

hanna abigail

Alguien mas es de mexico ❤❤❤

Doron Bond

Dude he just dropped 47!!!!! What more do you want the man to do???!!! 😆🤣

strange thangs


Toad and Tails

I had a friend (she thinks were still friends) force me to send her disgusting videos of me sexually dancing. When I declined she yelled and got mad at me. When I saw her at school, she acted like nothing happened.

Bobby Twotrees


Shaniya Campbell

I’m scared

Total: $20

Ilhan Zafry

Is that Zeus?

Denison Reyes

2018? Anyone???

xd Diversity

anyone notice right at the end when they shook hands they wore each others glasses


i like you you are nicer to people and add me on youtube whánd what is best third or first :)

Well done ! :-)

Osiris King

RIP Nip da great. We wit'chu Stone, carry it on bro.

Claudia S P

Dissociative disorder... just a month ago my family and I found out my sister has it .. And now we are helping her, and she's going to my psychiatrist... now is slightly better.. at the beginning, when she didn't have the diagnosis and she didn't see the psychiatrist yet, it was awful... She was suffering so much ... And we, powerless, were suffering a lot with her ... I hope that everything will work out for the best and that she will overcome this. She is the strongest, sweetest and most good person I know and I wish only the best for her and a normal peaceful life ...

Leah Brock

That was the high to low


Shannon Ross

garet doesnt like the guy how did the first shot


Basically her job is


Very very easy shots .. I want them to return to the past

In her dreamzzz

KINGmktk Channel

Frozen 2EndgameShreck VToy Story Lol I see the happy faces from the Cinema owners. $$$

Loretta McGehrin

In a way Cody looks a little bit like the Phillies player Rhys Hoskins.

Jordan McMullen

I’m all of those but the duck lady

Bryan Specht

The dogs having sex is on barbershop, not streets of hope.

Patrick Rooney

I’m the buttery popcorn guy

A snek Boi

I am just permanently alone

Mahmoud Shatnawi

no, never.

JuicyHotz Gaming

This ia so great to hear

1 like = 1 sec of peeling the doctor's skin Daughter 2: I’m lesbo too.

Leland Jensen

How do you guys think of that stuff and get everything in the right place


then put it in HD dumbass.

Jackie Lickenfelt

What batman?

Jack Robertson

One question is being asked when I see this...

Kristin Lizz

The twins are HOTT!

Ricardo Lopez

You need a place like a jumpy house or something like that

Josie Topping

Those underwear would be good for tansmales... Great for packers

Madeline Barger

type in awesome while wathing vids, the time bar will turn rainbow

Diego Alvarez

Ooohh look like " ninja turtles"

Shreyas Datt

Sling shot was best

Kyle Huxley

You guys should do a trick shot video with Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Xx _retro_ xX

I tried telling my mom and she said it’s. Puberty and I’m to scared to tell her everything I’m to scared to tell her again

Barbara Coutu

At 5:44 there is 1 pin still standing

Gecko Treicko



Happy Birthday Mar-pel!