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Jessica Driver

#35 on trends😍😍🔥

Golden Lists

What’s Cody’s new nickname ?😁👍🏾

Fajar Raihan

Is a dick?


#FunWithGURU You are one of my greatest channel.....I'm waiting for your vids....Can you upload everyday pls..... :D

Sakira Rahman


KJ Martin

At 3:00 his mom was stressed😂😂😂

Uncontrolled Anims11

anne uh go to hell

Jelly Fish

This is way more intense then any other Disney films are we sure this is really the same frozen 🤔🤔🤔

Ariana Alves

i couldn’t watch the last minute of this video.. it hurts my soul 😢 #ripdobby

Vikash Ayyappan

Who is the guy next to Ty in the blue?


Isn't the guy from Pretty Much It also on Gameranx?


I used to rewatch the toystory woody scene when i was a kid

Misha Harwood

One of them was fake

Jossiaa Clatney

This was uploaded the day I turned 7





Candace Burns

So u were like a huge deal when I was a teenager and for some reason I wasn’t a fan. I recently stumbled across your channel and find myself really enjoying your videos. You talk about how you have grown as a person and do amazing tutorials. I definitely find myself making my way to ur channel week after week. I love the looks you do! I’d buy the shit out of the pallet if I could afford it. The colors are so bright and beautiful

Adam G.

Who’s watching 2023?

Sayk Salazar

yeah rock

M_ dizzle

The music is ridiculous in your guys's videos I would watch if you didn't have music playing so loud

ShowMe DaWae

75% about jumpscare


Doesn't the boy from the thumbnail look like he's masturbating 😂😂


no it was not jst big maps but it be awesome if it was like destiny :)

Adele Mebus

She's a amazing kid.

Billy Duplissea


jacques fortilus

Ally pop du k

jack healing

this may not seem funny but when i thought of this than it was amazing your mamma is so ugly that goldfish don’t even simile back😂 love you guys

Bethany Webster

Love how sleep deprived he is! It's so great being a parent, watching new parents get hit by the reality of parenthood.

Jesse Writes

Sending nudes to someone is absolutely disgusting

Haris Gill

This video was soooo funny


why the picture of adam sandler?

Animal finatic

the last scene is so cute

Me: hey dude whacha doing?

Rebecca Brink

So sorry for your loss. She was so lucky to have such an amazing life with you.

cypher sabston

6:54 I wish they were in HD to my friend

Brian Caldwell

Germany will win the 2014 world cup

Henry K


Joefel Mompero

in buglife and monster inc is same

Madison Farrell

i feel is slightly have my own issues with my identity. I have this tug-of-war with my emotions constantly, so my mood changes easily. It's because inside i want to break down so easily but i won't let myself. I refuse to be weak and let myself cry. It's like someone trying to lift up a heavy weight. They struggle at some moments but keep lifting.

Venus Reyes

he should've just left this ungrateful bitch on the streets


Kyler Bell

Who do you think 2019 super bowl??

Chrisna Ardita

Apa cuman gw yang mikir kalo Jungkook itu kek anak bayi!?!

don’t mind me

my grandma is bipolar

Lezend Plays

we are going to build a wall and let nature pay for ir

Sonia M

This was such a nice story i loved it at the end

Elena Vallicella

Big sceet


I love you gies

Paul ReIoSu

O M G This is Garet?

Josue Armenta Machado

I won’t learn anything throughout the trailers besides the fact that King Kong is chasing Elsa.


Don't worry Office Lovers, Ep. 3 coming next Sunday Funday! If you find your panties, don't get them in a bunch! The next one will be much longer than a minute. ;) Stay tuned!


On the other hand, I do belive, that if everybody has an income of 2500 Uzlo, Inflation would regulate it to a niveau, that u can only survive with this amount but can´t afford  much freetime activities and only a little luxury.

Gustavo Ferreira


I even knew one of the easter eggs from the Duke Nukem... it's actually easy one (the one in the church)

Scottish Citizen : Paying for medical treatment? Hahaha that’s funny we don’t have to do that!