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Triple T


please sub :(

Brayden Hepford

That is me almost every single day (anxiety)

Dr Durrburger

It sounds like Tyler is saying godam when he says goteem

z one and only Panda

I like his old intro better

Liz S

The doctor looked uncomfortable..

Genius Min Suga Jjang jjang man bbong bbong

I'm shook!

Seema Thombare

All shots are best

Ashley M

I've been telling myself for about 2 months now that I finally have to tell them that how I feel isn't normal and that I don't necessarily know what it is. Not sure if I'm actually depressed or what but this has been going on for years. I rehearsed what I was going to say multiple times and cried each time but decided that I had to bc I just couldn't handle feeling this way only being able to tell the internet about it. I came home for winter break and said after the holidays I'll tell them but I never found a good time. And my dad's birthday just passed so I was like, "can't do it then" but I at least took the step to tell my mom that I have to tell her something. It was on impulse and my voice was shaking but I told her. And when she asked I just couldn't say it. I started to choke up but not very visibly. I felt so nervous and I'm not sure if I'll be able to actually tell them next time I see them.


Space needle

Dat weird pans boi

Yes terrible girl

Thomas Carlson


Pewdiepie is Better

Im the loud eater also i am also the bathroom champion

Jun July Channel

He Should be a Youtuber and twitcher and that Should earn him some Money

Francisco Encinas


MakeUp Artist Simran Khanna



ma name is alphamale69masterdestroyerXx

Dany-Alexander Stoyanov

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Andy Azael

Did Kojima sneak diss Metal Gear Rising??

Mailee Mae

If you are struggling with the courage to talk to your guardian, perhaps you could write a letter. Put down all your feelings and explanations, everything you would say to your parents, and then give it to them. You could even put in their room or on their bed if you are scared. I totally get it; I know what it's like to not want to talk to adults, especially about something that deep and important. Just stay strong!

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1:01 I would not mind a burst fire Jakobs

Liesl-Lottie Pilgrim

Why did he kill the step mom tho? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Quiett Bear

Oh no shit? Fisher gave props to Solid? That's dope

waqar nasir

Firispy battle

Tae Tae

Tbh i think she should start a vlog channel

Alejandro Espinoza Maldonado

Cuando no puedes y 3ditas un bideo

Gaming stuff

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Frezomere Seraphim

Can you do Guy fieri vs Gordon Ramsey

Ecu Pirates

I knew it was checkers

Zam WolfGirl

Social anxiety and selective Mutism

vedh shreedev

Manchester united anyday

Days Divided Digital

you lucky fucks :)

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OMG I love R2D2 I admire his language 🤯

Ace Reaps

Gorillaz vs slip knot

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