Interview with first female Master Trader: Lana

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Gabriela Nadeau

You forgot the dog in Mac’s Famous Mac & Cheese

Nicky alila

I'm sorry I to am a muslim

Alvarez Tingwald

I think Coby's tape will take a long time

Also didnt Rihanna create Puma's?

Mert Sirin

Greatest PG of all time. Not even close.


3:13 to 3:18 Who else noticed the dancer in the background?

Josefa gomes



Happy "Fallout 4 is out in two days" Guru! I'm looking forward to the videos you probably will make of it.


The Last of Us Part II hype!

Peachy 323

Video: mentions God

Julius Caesar

FunwithGuru, FunwithGuru, Make another Battlefield 4 easter eggs video because the DLC came out and there are some impresive easter eggs such as a dinosaur roar! LIKE SO GURU CAN SEE PLEASE!

BGA Ericksen

Does enyone els just here 5 gag guys screaming.

Jumaju :v

Pero que chingados esto era un programa de tv que veía a los 7 años

Jei Sánchez

i'll def put this when i'm on the road to the beach, proud of them.

Melisa Gustilo


The hobbies Fb

Y’all do now that those really weren’t trick shots


Findus crispy pancakes!

Don Iceberg

i love you

Venom Gramz


Leah Eggleston

You're not coming to Wisconsin!!!! :(((((((

Naruto X Hinata

Wtf Garrett 😂😂

Muppet Wookiee

Coby should of won!!!!

Calvin Hackett

Thank you

Fjdhsbs Djssjdbd

OOOOH so it’s people with periods

Evil Gentleman



How do you find this things?

Jawad Hassan

A person is not known for his face . They are know their nature. If you have a good nature and people say that you're ugly then don't pay attention. Your status is higher than them . If one hates you love him back. And if one loves you love him more.


sick man! im going to try and get this game

Patrick Daws

ty I feel bad for you

T-Series Sucks

t-series vs pewdiepie

El Turrón de Maní

almost 555.555 game reveiwer

Trish Diaz

Love love love it

Kremit The Frog

This video is fake morata doesn’t hit the target


are u from the uk



Big Pats

Tom brady

M. V.

DJ Khaled nameplate... Ok I'll give this video a like, jeez.


X-men iceman entered the frozenAnd Elsa live happily everafter❤❤❤❄❄❄❄❄

Blizz Galaxy Wolf

Oh ok!

Paulie the CreepyElf

Is Garrett a Red Sox fan!!??


I wish you made all your videos with a gun on your hip! AMERICA FUCK YEAH!



Him : you were fine with it last night


Whos a 12th man watching in 2018?

Jason Nery

This is making me feel feelings that I cannot describe.