Intraday Pivot Point in Trading

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Pierogi and russian in the same sentence makes me mad 😡


What the wat? Is barney back? plz no....

Everything she said is what I went through last year.

Adeleine Arnold

Why didn't the father give his kidney up?


Mr Jumpy.

Samurai Lemon

Dragon Ball Z/S


It's gonna be an amazing movie !. #TeamFrozen

Iron Cuddlefish

The robin Williams one makes me sad

Juggler Fox

Ok, time to vote. Man Jungyeon or women Jungyeon?


Cody is sucks

Rayya Supriono

The intro islike xenomorph bursting outta somebody's chest

Leno Vo


arwen_m 77

Dry cleaner: millenials don't seem interested in dry cleaning

michael ehrenreich

CAN i use this for a class presentation please for Hofstra University , I will cite in in APA format , it 's brillant please pleazse pleese !!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):)



the game

Weres the part where u take bbc in ur pooter


God that botw one still gets me teary always. Great video and keep up the work

Ranjana Bengeri

I m your biggest fan I want u to defeat pewdipie, and also make a video on housework steriotypes and swimming pool steriotypes

Me: -.-



Me: Yes

Gucci Gaming

Grow sum 100 dollar bills in the trash I WANT THEM


Gotta love these videos, you need more subs for real <3

Maku Diebu

yow @dudeperfect do trick shot with efren bata reyes at billiards

Dominic santos

Another one

CD 1


Shubham Dawadi

Those days when only TY used to do all trick shot

DaDanMan Guy

Remember when this had less than a million views

Kimvindy's Mate

guys i like the backgroud song does anybodies know?? the song title

Kpop Elisabeth;3

Why do boys do this to girls we are humans no dolls ( i know not all boys are like this )


This brought me to tears... I now start to usually hide my emotions but this.... it's worthy for crying. I can relate, I've been ignored since I got my computer which was around the age of 8, and always when I go to see my parents they're either at work or something. Of course they are there sometimes but.. it was too little. So I went on Social Media, such as Amino, and I started trying to find some friends. It was successful if I be honest.! Though... there is now a problem. Every time I return from school my dad takes my phone away... because I was "addicted".

Fenoloftaleina :v

My mom said that she doesn't want to have a sick child.




I don't play golf because im not old but I'm the mood swinger at literally everything


Enjoyed these easter eggs, really subtle.

Reena Smart

this man🙄. Bruh this dude is wack

لڤينا دەروونی



yay she found her patronus


And the "unicorn riders" trophe ???

Pro- anorexia group?? Android or Apple?

Joshua Fortune

So there's others with elemental powers like Elsa?

Petzel Lover

If you play dead rising 1 you’ll recognize this: Man, you saved my life.


Aww what a beautiful story and a strong mama! I am 39 weeks today and am so excited to see my baby girl any minute. I don't know what my experience will be like but I know we are wonderwomen and can do this. I am blessed to have an amazing husband to have by my side and use to squeeze his hand and scream at him when I am in pain lololol. Love all you strong beautiful mamas out there! You can do it sis ♡

कट्टर भारतीय

Cr7 :- • Am I a joke to you..?

jUsT a PaSsEr By

Why is no one talking about the attention that Kody is getting which he deserves

Ryan davidson


Wun Pummarachai

It’s a good thing that you stood up to that lady. I want to be like you when I grow up now!

Jacob Eichenlaub

Do the left handed throwing challenge with Michael Vick

Sara Schiflett

Since Cory won, wouldn’t that mean Coby won as well (since they’re brothers)?


Impressive halle berry