Is Forex Trading Really DEAD?!

Join our Trading Room where we discuss All Things Forex on a daily basis: forex trading really dead? There is a big discussion going on at the moment regarding the ESMA interventions and regulations. One thing is sure - the days of over-leveraged trading products are gone! What impact will this have on the industry and what should you do to adapt?Let's discuss in today's video!***Follow us on social media***:Facebook: Brokers I Recommend & Trade With*****IC Markets is one of the world's largest forex brokers and offers True ECN account. The maximum allowed leverage is 500:1 and the minimum deposit is $200Link: Markets is currently the best-rated broker in Australia (on Forex Peace Army and Trustpilot) and offers competitive spreads, leverage of 500:1 and a minimum deposit of $100 Link:

Vyelza Turney

Youtube do youtube next

Eren Roso

Guru! Do you like Doom and Serious Sam?

carter lamkin

I'm so sexy you already know is what ty was singing

STEN Gaming And Music

Good to know the combination of the ssd and the solid state drive together are fast

Bryce Seymour

That dancing tho

Manal Mabtoul

Omg i am crying 😢😢

Kayen Lucille Serrano



Damn, Tyler can hit far

Girls love girls and boys

Aaron Leal

Sometimes I like when ty loses because he always says something chill 😂

Muzzammil Shaik

This felt like another teaser.

Marija Ravinskaite

Well what's humans eyes when they grow up????????

red witch hace el ritual para revivir a Jon Snow.

Uknown Ariana

Me reading the title:okay so her dad and her mum got together

Taco Cat

You should to the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty.

Nguyên Phạm Trung Nguyên

Coby has won

Matthew Giouvalakis

Me just now 2018 March 7

Alex Reed

Imagine if the rage. Monster destroyes his car and not the other guys

Naomi Hamada Kim

I have bunch of doubts and It rips me apart and now I have anorexia or not but it still hurts me so much😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Quốc Hùng Nguyễn

Daniel is the best Bond

Davonte S

Lol Is it me or Steph's head doesn't look right on his body?

Syeda Haseeb

dude perfectb2 is out before 129 days ok

Mafi_Boss Mafi_Boss

Dieses Video hat mich dazu motiviert Sachen nur zu werfen


Whos watching in 2018?


New DBZ game retells Frieza Arc

Violet Komaeda

Me x nagito

axr gaming

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My fallout 4 play through: Are you sure about that?

Nacanieli Raniu

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Hans Moos


Macie Sainz



That was dope

Dusty Tario

You guys should do Marshmallow Launcher Trickshots!!! 👍👌

> I fell something touch me Toddey:ewwww


13:27 lol that ghost got rekt!

? Swizzy

Thank you



Are u always moving like bot or only in videos? :)

-Carece de diálogo del personaje (no me refiero a la necesidad de diálogo verbal, sino más a sus actuaciones).


Top-a the tree Dunk

Hinastar -Chan

Any chance you can translate this video to Spanish my parents have literally done every single thing in this video to me and my siblings and still do till this day and when ever we try to explain how toxic parenting works they believe we are lying to them and it doesn't exist or have negative outcomes or if anyone knows of a video I can find that explains it this well but in Spanish it could really help my parents to open their eyes to the realization of what they have done so we can finally start picking up the pieces and move forward as a family

Grant Mosal

SuperCarlinBrothers were right! There's giants!

pablo verduzco

Hahaha witcher Easter egg


Go Brazil

Roberto Dio

Whatt the fuucckk mind fucking blown, i've never realized about it until now.. Holyy shitt thats a neat fuckin idea. Good job Guru :D

Mandy Duong

I’ve never seen a Brian with a y 😂