Just a regular billionaire

Warren Buffett is the third richest man in the world, yet lives a relatively humble life. Rebecca Jarvis reports on Omaha's least-conspicuous billionaire.

you look like a meth cooker

hc0315 Gaming

the one at 2:02 didnt work


Wow, the first few ones, I totally remember the secrets.  I saw a wall and thought, "rocket launcher!"  Back with the dial up modems and all that.

GetRekt MF

Beeatle justice great


All the people in the first row laughed at him.

Me: 5 more minutes


now tyler, WHY ON EARTH would you use a drill while barefoot?

EFX Ultra

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what are goodeis

Fajar Ponco

do you love to make easter egg or just a hobby perhaps like the hobbyt

It’s living not knowing what the next day is going to look like. Some days I really DONT wanna see the next day.

Sarah Orozco

Marble has the same birthday as my brother😂


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Polo speak factes no 🧢

Crystal Playz

The title should be "my boyfriend asked me to send nudes"

Also your videos are great! Keep up the good work!

Grandmaster Kush

I remember completing this game to 100 % when i was younger, good times.

AJ DaBaddy

Awwww jenna, ur little marbles look so cute in his jean jacket *i sound like my mom when she was so happy i wore a dress (i wore a leather jacket over) on my prom day 😂😂



In the end.... Reference some flat earther... its cute.


Is it just me, or does the teleporter effect look like the doctor who opening sequence?


1:23 「スゲェー!フォフォー!」

I'm a sad person ok 😐


Skye is the limit

Seeing Ariel cry got me💘 that was awesome fr

10.000 subscribers without videos Challenge

I do not understand, but it's still great

Jose RiverA

u should do games


TTV. Streamer BTW

I got a 31


yesss love the toy story one! I used to think it was so satisfying when I was little before I even knew what asmr was

Nine's And AK's

Why cant i see easter egg. Number 2 on PS3?

Lyubomir Manchev

The CreepyGuy gnawing on a Pickle in the Corner actually IS a thing, I have seen one of those before...

thatOneG7 dude

0:39 you had 1 job

Ronan Jensen

+FunWithGuru you deserve more subs then what you have right now.

World at war = 10%


2:02 SpongeBob

Jules Gordon

I think the no looker bullseye shot and the panda shot are my favorites