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Is it a bad thing that I know every single place these were filmed and have been

Lucas Liam

“Super diddo”

pork n' chesse

Was your intro inspired by CinemaSins?

Leonard Koh

With two new dudes here, everyone ignores that Garrett has disappeared

Noah Fernandez

They made the pennywise dance because IT was made in 2018

Brandon Taylor

Throw a ball from the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai!!!!

Fatema Sumi

Welcome to frozen animation world new rock giants!!

Stephen Weflen

Please more of that but maybe less of the blooper sound in between the cuts. It got a lil annoying


Halle Berry is the supreme BEST. What a woman!

•Jasmine-.-• •Williams•915


_-JazzGameBoy 777-_

I remember back in 2016 when I started this trend on the whole school

SodaMay Jones

Omg this is horrible! What if she felt so bad that she killed herself? Then how would that dumb dumb bubblegum bastard feel.

Dorothy Hill

purple hoser rules the others

Tarzan The GOD

2019 anyone?

Tiaqveen J

OMG Nikita ❤️


SnapDragon YT


Deniz Deliktas

Yes ı do

Casey McElroy

Can you make a Wubble bubble float on the dry ice?


Oh shit! Mommy at the end took me by surprise. I really loved that film and I'm glad that it's spreading around more even though it doesn't have a UK Blu Ray release. I take it you must've really liked it too ;-)

Dania Corona



How can i join I do not see a button that says join

siraj tly


Pamela Hurt

Wow a helicopter crashed and the whole building swung someone needs to go back to the drawing board. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friend's.

will mo

seeing as you posted this in 2013, everyone that reads your post will be reading that in 2013

Tata FF World

🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹eeeeeee I was born here but I'm from guetmala yk what I mean 🤣

bank account has left the chat

Lauri Lehmussaari


Dominik Lindemann

1:23 at t?right of the doors is the famous dog pic.

Sandwich boy

I eat too much things,yet I am still skin and bone


André Ferreira 2

Where is the jordans 1?😂

Sky Ler

Nice 1337 m8

Danara De Jong

I like this video but it's a little too straight