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SÖpPy Animationz

Oh no, I think you should stay!!! :1im so sorry...

Wayne Jensen

Love your games

A Brick

Did a 12 year old weeb write this

Matthew Beard

Get Tom Brady in a video cause hes a punk

kid fortnite

2019 better love you try fortnite with another pro player

Rhyses Pixels

Marbles SLLLAAYYING gender roles

pedro nicolas Campos

I like you very much Guru, you are freakin awsome !


A real man admits his errors in humility, much respect for Mr. Myers on a worldwide scale and prayers up for KD. If Warriors win this Championship KD should get the MVP again for sacrificing for the team. KD was ballin for not playing in a MONTH! I will never say anything bad about you again! May you have a healthy and patiently recovery 🙏🏼


Pray for her jeez 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Carson Solano



Great vid!! At 5:51 I thought Coby (or cory) was mad that he found a watch!!!

Omar Rodriguez

1:29Are those the pillars from Brave?

Justus Genthe


Jeffree: here’s my summer collection

Rico Mataia

Im a fan

Johnny Sweatzz08

I’m none the one I’ll never be is:The sun light blinders

Msp Eylül



6:47 I know it's probably me, but I think saying how the markings can be removed but memories never disappear is a reference to David Hayter no longer doing the voice of Snake. "The markings can be removed..." - David is a key mark of the MGS series, but as seen with MGSV, he can esiky be removed. "...but the memories will never disappear." Even if they have removed him, we can always remember his greatness given in Metal Gear Solid (1) - Metal Gear Solid 4.

You're not responsible for anyone's happiness!

Marko Majzec