Let Your Winners Run - The Real Forex Trader: Trading To Success

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Kade And Reid

Apple juice

Scarlett Wolfy

I'm bi and single

Fiorella Cea Quinteros

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Miley Robinson

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Juan Pablo Duarte

I like how they think doctor who is the one who made it up but in reality the boos from Mario inspired the fucking weeping angels.

Alila&Lily Vlogs

Her:I don't Want to call him a psycopath

Ben Spence

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Azariah Balgobin

How did Tyler make the plunger spin in mid air😃😂😂😃

I agree people in Serbia are homophobic they hate gays.


Isn’t that illegal? Dating someone 7 years OLDER than you!

nick johnson

0 dislikes!!!!

Jake Hartnell

The other poster at the beginning had the apple sign


Travis sounded like he was having a stroke on the phone


"How the hell did this shit happen?"


I was born in RIO!!

Milo and Lolipop Studios!!

5:40 wtf was that??


Did y'all see Tyler made those shots

Some Guy's Channel

Jonas means John. Jonas is a Lithuanian name. Trust me, I know.

Super Ninja

I was sleeping sorry

Mike Renna

at about 2:31 and I think a couple other times, there's a glitch in the recording? Was it edited before posting here?

Latest Drama

Lele pons flirting with James Charles crush😂

Tiny Bacon

I couldn't stop laughing when panda fell off a small tree 😂

popsicle AV

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Drexxler 1

I have only ever pre ordered one game in my life, this might be the second.

Honey XOXO

Chills. I have literal chills from this 😍

Adrian Aguilar

If emojis were real



Antonin Mendenhall

YAY he's not a nine year old kid!!!!!!

Violets are blue

William Swanger

I think Travis should be drafted for the new York giants


My dad is dumber? Yet he has A scientists Education and knowlage

Tiny Squire Gaming

The sports part was like the song Happier

Noah Gallagher

Is it just me or does the drawings make you feel pissed off


WOW!! I was 13 when first time finished half life 2 and never saw that coming!


That moment when you remember this happened and that it was on the news....Crazy I've been watching them this long....

Some guy

I’m sorry ty but if it is a European game it’s called football

jr Hernandez

Look at panda in the background when they are catching tennis balls

My name is Sekar

This is the reason I don't wear bikini

Theodore KIO

I’m now watching this at the end of 2018 tye has lost a lot of weight :)

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Emma:uhh super funky