Live Day Trading (Indices/Forex) - 7th February 2019 - Would This Trade Anger You?

Live day trading on the FTSE100 from the 7th February 2019 (Indices/Forex)Hi, I am Luke from Disciplined Trader and I am a Forex and indices day trader. I upload these live day trading videos every week. Here is my recording of my live day trading on the FTSE100 from 7th February 2019 . I start by showing you my morning chart analysis before moving on to the main live day trading. I take a trade in the morning which ends up being quite a frustrating one.I show regular updates and provide commentary of the live day trading throughout the video. I hope you enjoy.PREVIOUS VIDEO=============================================My Previous Video- LINKS=============================================Subscribe to the YouTube Channel for more videos: out the Disciplined Trader blog: me on Twitter: me on Instagram: me on Facebook:

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