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Bla Bla

Is it just me or crowd is making the exact same noise after every shot?

J.R Reyes

bow ball shot

Bennett Blanset

he wins sumo battle

NickO Nator

Have the same people hold the crossbow shot a skeet at the beginning


Your videos are worth the wait, another great video.

10, 000 Subscribers with no videos

Donald trump has left

Alexandria Faiella

I have been watching for a long time now and you always cease to amaze me

BACKFIREtv Productions

You guys read these? Is it POSSIBLE?


aron hair

The bfg


omg your bf wants to have sex? throw him away he must be broken

Sleeky Fox

I live right by the poppies and honestly it is a pretty nice place for instagram pictures, and if


who is watching on 2017

Spare wolf mare Blow cnadles as far as you can


Cᴏʟɪɴ Dᴀᴠɪs

4:16It looks like Cory's bat flips him over as he fell

Yael Toral

WTF WITH THOSE BLASTERS SPEEDS omg for real? very slows

Moises Zelaya

what the fuck was that ending?


Well I’m happy as long as the snakes weren’t harmed they are all harmless I’m there just cornsakes and milksnakes as far as I can see

Me:perfect for me

Rin Yasamoto

Who doesen't love her art style

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Ketogenic diet saved my life -


omg foxy grandpa!

Leah Pearllove


VJ Ghimire

Why did they not get justing tucker




My period didnt come for about 4 months straight than.......i got my period hella heavy.

Nicholas white

Gonna miss your vids if you do decide to stop making them in the distant future


What's up with the piano at the end part?

Sherry Nintendo Girl

I love this story

Lia LpsTV

“How I became a gold digger,”


You get those characters in L4D by replacing the model files of the normal characters with whatever you want. Go to gamebanana . com to download the models.

I'm Indonesian

Petros Kyragiannis

so sick dude ;ddd


No, I won't be posting today like I usually do but I should be in the next few days. I was trying to film a special 100th video but had no ideas for one and I was already making what is probably going to be my longest video ever.

Zombie Anims wannabe -_-

Panda face reveal! Like if I agree

Laura Elguea

I saw this like 40 times and I cried every time

William Meacham


code yeet in oteam shop

Dp you guys should do breaking platestrickshots

Baker Abaddon

out of the map in gears of war 1 (tyro station) w/ a random large wall

Abel freeman

This is a real problem in Australia

Mr Incredible

On the polish bottle knocker you have to catch the frisbee too



No youre wrong, the troll is there and so is the notched pickaxe ___________█▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░███████░░░░░░░░░░░█████░██░░░

Zura Mahat

Who's panda

B Diddy

It's so fake, but so hilarious

xxXtubie EditsXxx

I feel this.

10,000 subs with no videos

Ask Rob if you can go on ridiculousness

Clarence Does Youtube

This is The same as my story whenver i go to school people are avoinding me and teachers doesn't ask me question because i'm fat they always laugh at me during lunch time or lunch break whenver i came home i feeling blue