LIVE NFP: 156th Non-Farm Payrolls Coverage

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Mr. excuses RIP pilot..

Madden bossman

The barrel roll bomber didn’t go through the hoop.

MagicianBros inc

the net swishes before the ball goes in dp



If you are team garret like the vídeo and this comment



Teh Crust

the boat at 2:26 could possibly be more of a re-used asset. Those models and textures cost money ya know

Bowen Ellis

1:18 Holy shit im fucked! (charachter)

Josue Teresier

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littlekittycupcakez R9

I want my dad to stop smoking

350 z

Part 2!!!

Jyoti Ranjan Rout

Joseph India knows u man ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dylan Daly

name of the song

the gacha lama

Oh yhea lets just leve my beer bottles on the floor because i tottaly cant get drunk step on a glass bottle and shatter the nerves in my foot, hes pure genius

Stephen Durkin

DUDE its cool to hv 2 technical parents!!

Arie Achmad

this is friday..


That was shit #:)

Mel Mel

Who you got in the final 4


1:40 Garret's face do

Girl: I love my parents they’re so kind and the best

Clorox Bleach

I have Contamination OCD as well. I got disnosied with it today.. Contamination OCD is a terrible thing, it's like you think out of nowhere did I touch this? What if It was infected? I start praying quick and cleansing my body with holy water to clean my body. But the thought doesn't go away!

Shark Lancher

4:00 yea baby 😂


“The youth days are the cold days”

John Doe

58 is the highest in the main game, 69 is the highest if you have the secret armoury of general knox

infinite tsukuyomi

Tough life

Arsh Deep singh

Coby is great. I like coby

and he would his age would be 100 + he would be dead by now

Kyle Kuhnle


Jerico Villanueva

That’s your restaurant right?

Leigha Kay

Cory does not deserve it 😥

Timmedietom Fonteyneuu

I never understood what's so funny about ruining somebody's life...

ashley sosa

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Olivia Carpenter

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4:52 that actually sounded like Ty.


I'm sorry for you

Nou Thao

Omg haha I love it! Your lips were so blinding I was squinting while watching this!😂😍 Must get myself some.


Doge controls everyrhing!

Joshua Gazda


blue splash

Lmao how does a 3 year old know this much any one agree?


Which twin is older?

Xavi Maroto

the AC4 is the Kraken, actually