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The Brit


What did Elsa think was going to happen with that wave? Lol

corey jessup

2:39 wrong. the teleport plasmid got taken out not because it didn't work the plasmid was fine it got taken out cause it would ruin scripted events in bioshock

Disaris Umbrus

i lol'd at the text saying "Hold L to flip... wait what? How did you do that?"

fan4 you

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Les ww

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Kyle Sellers


Me: Phack here we go again

Nil0fr Sj



Stone Theis

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Griffen Norton

sorry only 8.4 million hits

Kyle_0oo1 ,


Zarzarmon Lin

I mean this is soo rude! How dare you! This is just terrible! U deserve SOOOO much worse and u SHOULD FEEL BAD!!!! I don’t care give me all the hate u want

Little_Miss_Sunshine 687

Having more than one partner is selfish so i dont support this and its not healthy at all and her parents should divorce as some weddings end years later eventually before death do us part but if people feel happy in a open relationship its their business so some people are best to avoid the topic after watching this in my case

Adam Royales

messyourself's laugh 

Twisted Pictures

To people wondering- yes this can happen, however it’s more common with people who have schizophrenia. Hallucinations happen with severe mood swings.

Ved Bathina

6:29- Cory destroyed the whistle sign

مستر علي مستر علي

We are going to be able to get a few more people to

Fluffy the Unikitty


verbalicious nutritious

I dont think ive ever watched a sidemen video so many times and still laugh this was incredible no lie

Anesu Thabede

where do we buy these planes