Live Price Action Trading +250 Pips on USDJPY and USDCAD

Here is a pair of live forex price action trade setups on the USDJPY, which is up +110 pips of profit and over +2R, and on the USDCAD, which is up +130 pips of profit and over +1R with a potential of +4R. In this video, I'll explain the price action context behind the trades, entry locations, why I chose my stop losses and particular take profits, along with trade management and risk to reward. [more info below]Get a FREE practice forex trading account: - For EU/UK residents click here: For Non-EU residents click here: to get my Price Action Course for FREE? Click here to find out how: Timeline:00:12 - intro to my live price action trades00:30 - showing how this is a real account trading with my own money01:00 - talking about price action context and corrective structure of the forex pair USDJPY02:30 - why we don't trade with confirmation price action signals04:27 - describing my USDCAD live trade and how the entry wasn't optimal07:42 - showing how I trade what I teach in my advanced price action courseSubscribe to my channel: the site at:the conversation on:see what I'm up to:

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Rage Monster (For Losing a Race)

Random Stuffs

I like how when you fail once (off camera) you don't give up and keep trying to entertain youtube. Thanks for making these awesome videos! 😊🏀🏁🏂🏄🏇🏈🎳⚾🎱🎣

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