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i want jolyne to ORA ORA me

Ah shit im anxious and the love of my life is avoidant... Yeah its really hard.

Margaret Robinson

i dear you to shoot a person




@Lobianco98 Because that was probably one of about 100+ times he tried over several hours, nobody could just wander past and get that in one.

LeAnn Eyring

Tyler a clumsywaiter

Jeffrey Blanco

Extrañaré tus besos Flaws and all, I love 'em all, to me, you're perfect 


Man all these people saying this is fake have some eye. I wouldn't have caught that.....

karim asadi

it was beautiful but u screw it at the end it was sad why?

can you make miniature foods too?

naila bay


Euro MSP

Is the last One seriously minecraft?

Saška Prpić

You forgot the one from Morrowind. Just check it out.

TheMexican Sauce

That is so true I Texas

Jax Harper

Tyler is a little selfish kinda not really.

aesthetic blueberry

The tall guy Cody did It

zara ziard

"if i was the tiger i would eat him alive":P

Space's life

I have already have it

EmiyaThe Archer


Ewo 24/7

Dallas Stars suck

Infinity Trick Shots


Katherin Salazar

I think that I have Depression. Yesterday I was looking up ways to die, and I saw this video and started balling my eyes out.


Q%A ?


Nice !

steven wright

Darn easter eggs makin me get Twitter accounts

Hridik Mehta

Kayaking escalator shot

Devan Carrow

on bad days dp made me feel happy

Louie Wright

Also xo beauty by shan!!

alex bolotski

why was mojang sueed(i dont know how its spelled)?

xXLunaXx 1234

In Serbia every kid goes to school

Ramon Kabigting

Those soldiers were funny- in bed.

Selina Yin

Sometimes I don’t shower for a year....

tojejik Yo

Great video Guru, childhood memories some of these movies

Matt Vlogs

I watch every video

Imagamergirl X

Now i dont want to go to vacation Anymore help me

Edit:like if u were too lazy😂😂😂😂

Justin Ryder

4:46 he just suplexed the tree

Shwana Ahmed


Brorsith Preap

I'm so fancy you already know

There is hope.

Devendra Nair

Super dude perfect

Eric Nevarez

Where was Garrett

XI Izanagi IX

song at the end ?

Joel Ramirez

Well done James! You’re the best host!

Abraham Gonzalez

any meo

Parth Upadhyaya

Who was waiting for him to talk to kawhi