Lofer | লোফার | Eid Natok 2019 | ft. Zahid Hasan, Nabila | Rtv Drama Eid Special

Subscribe Now!: Lofer | লোফারCast : Zahid Hasan, Nabila Islam, Farzana RiktaScript : Zakir Hossain UzzalDirector : Zahid Hasan#Loffer #RtvEidNatok2019Watch your favorite Movie, Natok, Telefilm, and Bangla Music Video without lengthy advertisements! RTV has all your favorite content under one network which will give you Unlimited Entertainment, On Demand!Visit our Official site: www.rtvonline.comFind more of RTV Youtube:Rtv Drama: Telefilm: Movies: Music: DramaSerial: Drama Funny Clips: Islamic Show: Talkhsow: News: Live : LifeStyle: Entertainment: : us on Social Media:Facebook: Twitter: Google+ : Instagram : not forget to download our apps have entertainment on mobile!RTV: in a nutshell:RTV is one stop entertainment service. We provide nonstop entertainment through our multiple YouTubechannels, where entertainment contents uploaded daily for viewers worldwide.Note: If you wish to share this video, please embed the link and share the original source. Please avoid methods of copying or duplicating the content, and help us support anti-piracy measures in every possible way. Thank you!- Team RTVCreators Support:To submit your channel, click on this link now!If you are a YouTube creator, how would you feel when someone with hardly any YouTube knowledge swipes your creativity and hard work with an unauthorized upload? RTV is here to prevent that fromhappening! We, RTV helps to grow YouTube channels for creators. We have YouTube Certified team members to optimize your channel and help reach your content to the right audience.#RtvDrama

Glenn Minerley

please look up your portable sarcastic geine


Can somebody explain the ending to m please? I don't get it.

Sayantan mondal


David Bridgeman

Ok thanks


you put so much effort into these... amazing

Tyler Strang

Eve survived the invasion of zombies....

Shreya Rawat

Sheldon Cooper of social interaction


Not sure if it's been mentioned yet but the rabbit is Max, Sam is a dog.

Mamta Suthar

Giant Cricket .👌👌👌👌!! O yeah first time ever


*watches My Hero Academia with subs*

Potter Head

You're only supposed to shower once a week lol. Twice or more if you do sports or it's summer time

Zahrah Pakyarajan

Venus Williams

FF19 | Football and Gaming Comps |

Seeing number 9 made me really happy

Billie eilish

245 views and 24 likes

Great Bros Gaming

0:47 missing the high five

Elias Austin

"dam thicc egg"

Remi Hansen

San Andreas ghost town and liberty city??!?!?!?!?!

use my body to keep you alive



is panda tys brother

Jadon Lee

at 5:00 I think she should've called child protection services

Mr_x 1992

breaking bad sucks.


I like that's it's dealing with historical wars. What I don't like is that it's by EA.

Bladek408 Gameplays

there's something wrong woth the edit on the roof throw


I love this comments XD

Andrea Broome

Well I think she’s pretty

Eat me. "Touches Ferals leg"

Magic Andrea

hopefully one day he will win a battle

Eduardo Fux Hagsater


The Undertaker

What about the hole in the battle Don

Dirty Bread

they first one killed one

Chef Suffy

What's the name of that song


My Boyfriend is the Anxious type and I am the Avoidant type😹❤