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Robbie Wright

Cool net gun

OD13vik Mazza

Where's the sign off

punch the face

Max Senecal

In the hospital becUse somebody shot him


Do sushi from isle of dogs

david leung

my favorite shot was the escalator shot

Jack Pin

no bucky

illyna nelson



3:14 was TY dancing?


Eye contact with every bite...pov chicken porn

Not2badd 21

This place is for sure Dphq 2

tariq saeed

TEAM TY WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


damnit...I told myself i wasn't going to buy this...but they just HAD to make a nuketown zombie map...fucking great

1 day: a lil blood no cramps Gnar, Lil skies, Craig Xen: Hold our blunts


I like the swinging air attack


It’s a prankRead more

kemel medina

guru when are you going to do saints row 4 easter eggs

Nicole Monsalve

I’m so happy for her 😭🌸🌸

Izzu D

why didn't they cover the story events from the Original Dragon Ball ,this is the story of Kakarot isn't it.?

Kai Zhu

Very illuminati

Semeona Ultra

ned is ty

Jesus Mendez

Can you pay me a pizza 🍕

Kean Chua

Flip n’ dip


This is a reference that just occurred to me. There are times during the game when we get to see what the Wendigo sees. I feel like that's a reference to Predator, especially when you consider that the Wendigo is hunting the main characters.

Otherwise, great stuff!


Go panda I love u bro

Kavya Patel

The last stunt

Ava Cocione

How much do you use the words I or me


Thank you I will tell them soon I really want to transfer school😣

Sky Light

Wait what? No Black Holes were mentioned in this video