M15 Forex Scalping Strategy | Moving Average + MACD Indicator Trick in Urdu & Hindi by Tani Forex

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I'm so happy that I got to play with you. You seriously have no idea how much of an inspiration you have been to keep up with my videos! I'm so glad that I got to help one of my biggest inspirations AND just be able to meet my favorite YouTubers. I know I may sound a little fanboyish because I've went off on this in a video of mine, but I mean it. Seriously thank you and I hope to help you again if you need it.

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-Add Carmelized Onions, Bacon, and Fried Jalepenos (you can buy them at the store pre-made)


My partner has BPD and it took a long time to gain their trust, they latched onto me quickly and wanted to protect me but gaining their trust was still a process. I also had no idea that eating disorder-like symptoms were a part of BPD and it was a symptom that kicked up again just about a year ago. They have been trying to recover from it since losing about 50+ pounds. It made me want to cry with how fast they were losing weight and how little they were eating. Impressive video man loved it specially last one .🙋

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