MACD Divergence Part 1

Most powerful chart pattern in Technical Analysis.Learning MACD Bullish and Bearish Divergences.

Nashville Preds select

Hockey stereo- types ?


backboard user!!!!

Bob Bobadilla

Is anyone else wondering What happened to his accent?

Vhantot ketchie

This is eye opening

Predator Gaming советбоец2

i dont understand what happens in , ax payne 3

Сардор Хайдаркулов

2019. Whaaaat


2:18 i haved a heart attack

Maria Fuentes

2:05 he almost got hit


coby will win

Haley Sanchez

I got mine when i was 10

Lively Frostbite

This totally explains why there is a minecraft video..

Anne Tedford

I have man U and man city

9:17 9:17 9:17 9:17 9:17 9:17 9:17

Jamie Steinhauer

Do you seriously not have safety bars on chairlifts in America?

Dark fury


Kattixx Kori

I was just in Hawaii 1 week a go

skythekidmuch M

Did they look like they were art in the outro?

Toon Chulikavit

You smell like Betty Crocker... Also, where did you guys get the Bow and Arrow set from?

u n k n o w n

SmOkInG IsN't cOoOoL


I felt that a lot of times and I didn't like anxiety it still scares me and bringing down on everything that I do.



William Loder

You should do an all sports golf battle 4



starblown 55

This is decent

Noeud Coulant

Do you put easter eggs in every videos you make or just sometimes ?


Make subtitles Korean

Barry Robbins

Are you in a wind tunnel? had me in a casket😂😂😂


sorry, 5:01

Emily Nutting

low to high

Kenter S. Joseph

Let it go..wait..let it flow..

Tyler Helsley

Your the besttyler

Lucija Marketin

How did u not... Bleed to death??

ghost boi

Maybe should've had never whored around in your 20s? I have absolutely no sympathy for her. This is 100% her fault and even admits it by the end of the video.

Keynan Martinez

The Breath of the Wild one was so heartwarming it made me cry.

Jay Mo

Can’t wait to use hulk like frr

H.F Gaming

why would they ever put that in mario 3D? it's a kids game

Kurra dattu

Race roadrollers

andrew klopping

you should use toilet paper



Am I the only one here who never played Pokemon, Legend of Zelda or Mario as a kid, but instead played GTA San Andreas???