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Ronald Moses

ppl who say this is fake you guys are wrong!


No tnt for 🐼

Dalila Rocha

This is Honestly my biggest fear. I am with my boyfriend for 1 year and 5 months now. I love him so much and he...he is a military man...And everyday i am so afraid of loosing him...

Flojo Wilson


Claudia Abrajanlopez

yes I'm so lucky

it's ya boy

Man I'm sometimes disgusted in us humans like why do we judge everyone people say he's a monster but they don't look what kind of monsters they are😠😠

Jamison Moore

moses lake washington macosh park or skate park cmon please you guys are awesome

Sara Elfatehy

Me siento muy triste después de haber escuchado esto


This game really needed a polish, but it just looks like the the original emulated at higher resolution with texture smoothing, and the original framerate. I think most of the work was just porting it to multiplatform to see if you'll buy the same game again.

Payal Agarwal

FC Barcelona FCB

Lazy Sunday

5:11 some good Sprite that is




Bryan Pena

2:02 when you beat your meat for the 5th time in one day and it takes a while to get up


while im more nintendo than fortnite


It's definitely not you're fault! This made me cry so much but remember that you're mom is in heaven, life is tough but It gets better, when someone you love dies there is always another one that gets born. you're mom loves you and she watches over you <3

TJ Awesome

Travis Scott pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Xo James

Fico Micos

how much time you need to score ?????

Amy Rose Salonga

Guys why wont you guys try to play a real game in baskeball please

Simon Lynx

In the Intro of the game there is a train called "The Great Eagle" and the number 1191. The pizza delivery car which has been in every major Pixar work since Bug's Life.

Lorenzo Rios

I kept on saying it was Checkers

Bryan Dorneman

Go to Richmond

Joe Cheung

Have you ever wonder how many times they need to try to succeed

kyngd9000 1111111

Please put up more videos I watch all moast all your videos and a when I'm watching other people's I get bord

Brownietheblogger !

Ty looks different

Michael Huffman

you guys should do world record bowling trick shots

Dana Louis

Coby will never win

Juan García


PuR3 Lynxis

This man has some insane talent. His voice is actioly incredible, he's such a good person. He sertanly left an impact on my life from being a motocross rider and me being top 3 in Australia for motocross this guy has made me try different things trying to find more hidden talents

Rico Rodriguez

I also have no idea why this in the game


I'm mr. replay my older bro is the phone guy