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Tommy Johnsen

that voice tho ❤

Chris Chavez

15 bounces


Scrooge McDuck: Am I a joke to you?

pethau cwl

i think it will feail

Abraham Liu

it elon musk

Fatimah Almobark

대박 😳

Skove Stove

Ever consider streaming?


stacy hamilton

the starts at 12:28

Luke Peter


Rosalinda De Jesus

@Netflix make this happen ASAP !



Deborah Cox

goooooooooooooooooooooooooo coby goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


he looks like the emiel dufrane in splinter cell double agent in the first minute

Uppity Sombitch

savage life

Destroyer Of the universe



i got 6 years to be happy.

Slick boy clan Noahjbman

I think the Dallas cowboys should draft him


Qartvelebi xart?


I'm sorry but idk why it annoys me so much to look at your shirt cuz of that cut u have around ur chest area 👀

Emma Mignot

I have doubts about myself. My mum and my maternal grandma are bipolar, which makes it even possible. I'm depressed for years, some days I just ... I just can't get out of my bed, sometimes I jump everywhere, laughing and all, and then I just want to hurt others around me, because they stress me out, because my future, my present, my life, my grades, the world, my shoes or whatever make me fucking anxious, and I can't stand it. Sometimes I'm violent, I wake up at night and I start to search things, like a necklace, like a book, and if I don't find it, I broke objects, I hit the walls and everything that I can hit. If I don't do this, I hit my head against the wall, or things like this. My bf tried to help me, but I punched him in the face and made him bleed under his lips. One day, Idk why, but suddenly I was so stressed out, so done with myself. My bf was here, and I pinched his arm very hard. He screamed, I made him bleed again. The worst is that I was controlling myself, If I did not ... Thinking and thinking, messy circles in my head mixing in a huge bag of knots, it's horrible. "Why are you suddenly so angry ?" I don't know, everything pisses me off, and I can't help. "But you're a nice girl" I don't know, I can't controlling it, sometimes I love you, and sometimes I hate you. Sometimes I trust my friends, I'm so glad to have them. But sometimes I don't want to talk to them, because I feel like they don't like me, like they're vicious and are talking behind my back. I trust no one, but then I'm like "no, why are you thinking that ?" But Idk. I prefer to be alone, people think that I just want to be on my phone, but the truth is that I'm terrified to talk to people. I'm afraid of them, but also of what I can say. I'm not organised, "You're so messy haha !" Okay but it's not funny, I try my best. I forget everything, because I think about too much things, and then it's confused.

kolorful klaire

they really censoring bully I - 😭

Christian Evangelista

My brother tink that ty is fat


Why is this video in my recommended


LOL, People took this as a serious joke? It was supposed to be corny. God dammit, Internet!

Damned On A Dime

*burp..* Got that right. *falls over* im not as think as you durnk i ma.

From Malaysia


How do you find these?! When do you find the time to look for these. Freakin majestic of you. Love the Battlefield Friends Easter egg.

AKP vlog

USAlall the way





what did the foster parents do did he Drop some fire beats (rap) with the extra e?

My heart is crying out....

ณัฐนนท์ เพชรนาค


Drew Jones

This looks ridiculously good.

Gaming n Sports

Love the video.

B creative

0:03 where are her legs while sitting in the chair???


Guys, I found where the DP HQ is... On earth.

Agustín Ríos

The Anakin corpse thing is so stupid! It could be anyone!

Mika Zilla


Lorena Medez Lorena

Is the deer still alive?....if yall were real hunting I would feel really bad for the animals:(((......Are y'all real hunting????????????????????????... Just asking sorry for to many questions.

Kendal Lavigne

“Cancer is for people who are like 50!”


The game looks amazing but given how short it is a even some awesome easter eggs is not going to make me wanna buy it for $30-$40. Doesn't feel like value for the pricetag.

tea time

Wait why am I watching at night

You should have waited till Eminem have died!

Call me bob The builder

I love you guys

Smiley Yoonmin

Is it just me who thought when she said bts. I thought of the group 💜💜

Djordje Zekonjic

do outlast 2 easter eggs

Shiana Nicholas

I want to die to make my mum regret making me feel like this,she says "It's you making you feel upset"" BITCH I HAVEN'T LEFT THE HOUSE PROPERLY IN 4 MONTHS AND ALL I DO IS STAY IN BED AND CRY, I am depressed.

Jocy The Muffin


Everything ElseYT

Who else here in 2017?

Ed Dean

I feel it’s a bit unfair on chad


I’m that gurl who makes 8 stories at a time


At 2:57 the editors don’t know how to spell

 home additions atlanta