Making 10,000 Euros in the morning.Huge announcement.

Paru Mahesh

O:57 that face though lol

Surendran Sundaram

977 is my high score.


Marbles is a fashion icon!!! You go, you funky little boy!!

Dreamer Artist Lilahnee

At school one day ppl told me i was looking a bit chubby (because i an short and because of my body build) but when i told them my weight (i am not even over 50 kg, trying to be around 53 or something) They would look surprised at me and shut up


My friend was also a Petri dish baby but she was given two donors. So her parents aren’t her biological papers and her sister is adopted. My other friends mom was given a done (for eggs)

CombatKing 2319

4:09, I guess you can call it a cardamel apple


Woa. This is exactly what trailers are meant to be.... Make total confusing and anticipation.I'd b probably out of mind when the movie releases.


Cesy Cakes

Benito me gusta tu estilo, me encanta cuando usas un artista conocido en el background. Puedo escuchar a Zion en el coro.

Internal Lightning

What a shocking ending

The Warden

Isn't the house in Bugs Life the same house in Monsters Inc. ?

Wan Adam

3:30 "Dwight Howard is going to be so mad" lol

Snidlee MC

Who is the panda

Midnight Skylar

Sooooo . . . You guys are thai right? If so I am to. Yay

Ana A

“My A dropped to a B”


if we drank it, will be be invincible to the storm?

Man:I’ll kill your family if you dont

Susan Wootton

2:00 didnt make it through the third onw

me: ·o·


hey, happy laTE birthday

michael anthony hilario

On 4:00 who is this guy who played Kim Jon statue? I hope he was from Heroes

Pug Face!

Tyler you should be Dallas’s starter goalie

Gus Perez

Slow day in NYC , MSM screehing like banshees!!

Aayushi Mishra

kenzie Ziegler looks like jlo

Ricky g gamer

Catching trickshot

Amru Rijal

guru we love your videos keep up the good work :)

change the thumbnails and titles please.

Edit: 90% people are talking about the damn phone

Syawal Amin

I dont even have 3 thousand dollars 😭


This shit fire


tumps up if watch this over and over again

Hoda Farah

what beach was that?

SatisFactory !

Dude perfect lives in Frisco tx .

waad aljusiaman

well first im sorry for what your getting through and this hospital has to be RUINED already so yea and you know what your right you guys are special you are strong people wish you luck MHM I wish that I want to do some thing special in my life..BECAUSE I don't LOL...anyways but im special to me

amanda janis

me ummm oh trophys I will make 1000000 moneys


When's the 100k sub/ 100th video special coming out

Trishy Angel

My grandmother and grandfather died just 5 months apart from each other.

Reverend Donk Bonkers

Number one is great. I've never heard of that game, but I absolutely love it when developers put easter eggs as creepy as that one into their games.

Aarati Yonjan

I wish I got taylor swift's voice msg 😭😭


How to survive a real plane crash: 1.Sit in the main back row.

Some assistance please

Zoey: yeah i looove steam

Aman pratap

U r very great

She was like about 8 years old and I was 9 years old

Mix Box

2:10- my ... every morning 😏.

Zaria Nicoladaz