Making 10,000 Euros in the morning.Huge announcement.

Lol Dunno

#YAIYjob She’s an author, she writes all of your jokes

Piggy boy

He is so stupid he could of been arrested


D.J. D.

Ty is the best football player out of all of them Like if you agree I swear I will like this comment (you swore you would like this comment)

hugh munghus

if your gonna do a Q&A then answer this... if we force a black hole through a worm hole could we invert the universe completely!? lol seriously well done man...ive seen your channel since the start.. and its kept growing and growing...well done...keep it up

Stratosphere OneSoulzz

I'm always team tall man.


i swear im the most awkward person ever. i hide in my house everyday playing videogames and watching movies and an come up with any excuse to not go for class outings. I cant even look at a person in the eyes while talking because im so awkward, i tend to talk really fast because im so nervous, i tend to overthink WAY too much too and I love cats. I can only be friends with people who have similar interests with me but unfortunately I havent found anyone yet 😭 problems with weird people like me.


Betcha wasn't 1 mile

Alejandra Rodriguez

stop joking about this. i’ve had something like this happen to me... firsthand experience. there is nothing more traumatizing than being reminded of something like that from the smallest triggers... i cant even think about the nintendo ds because it always reminds me of that... because he threw my ds on the floor before hurting me. i was five, he was my cousin, and it happened for two years in a row every week, sometimes twice a week. don’t joke about this, ever.

Msp Eylül


Zerane Dragneel Daughter of Zeref and Cana

I prefer dubss....

guy: all girls are selfish

lily rose

go check out this cover!

Crazy Guy: Pulls out knife I cried while watched this video...

ngan phan

JUNG KOOK love love

Patrick Smith

Don’t know if u caught it but abc7 is Chicago’s abc channel


Lol an add pops up for a Dating website

NICO films fortnite

3:28 in fortnite


Call Of Duty has already 1 million dislikes! my respects battlefield! <3

rosie chipmunk

Pfft, Lgbt wants to be accepted for who they are but they didnt accept themselves at the first place 😂


That Ending!! I'm Dying!!!