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i once woke up in another guys apartment .

xxcrazy chikoxx

My dad is not a alcoholic he used to drink a lot but my mom is pregnant at 40 and my dad is not aloud to drink only once and a while


Y does he look like young jeezy for min

mj manusiya


Savanah McKenna

I think you should have had someone who felt like this to explain because with anxiety u can’t just say it that easy I have anxiety and depression and I want to ask for help. I go to therapy for other reasons but I think that it would be easier for me to say it then

Thomas Wolff

soccor sould be nice

Adsence User

1:38 what????


Here have this poem from my heart,

Stormy Dreams

You can use smoke resistant, flavored toothpicks. They allow people to get out of the habit of smoking. So if you can’t quit, try them.

Josephine Chow

This is how old is dude perfect

You can't fail. The game fails on its own. And you suck for trying to defend that crap.

Civicious X

Roadhouse, because swayzeeeeee!


lol the first game looks like something from Pocahontas XDDDD

Next video:

Random Crafts

6:43 Ty is REALLY rage monster 👹


Editors: How much of the same footage do you want?Director: Yes


Being fat is ok but not too much because super fat is bad

Rachel Custer

he did

mikey pice

Good video

Shadow star

You guys are incredible


When Ty was all about those laser shots!

Shaily Shrestha

Same here 🤧😿😿😿

Band Trash Productions


Classic Basket

Hey +FunWithGuru, how are you doing lately?

I wait to go paradise because all banned things in islam and other

Fire Vixen

omg.........this is so deep and sad. :( But amazing story telling without even speaking!

Girl: No! Wow


Who is watching in 2018

Gina Rodríguez

This video gives me anxiety


Great job! More movie Easter eggs!


What a nice dad


completely fake

Greitsan Tobing

2022 anybody?


Get recked

Birch Tree

Let's go canada

Craig Gabel

My sis farted in front of 13 teenagers

oli tay

Billy f2 is better

Joe Chen

WOW! Joe

Novena Chrisnatalia



can you do an episode of easter eggs in Destiny? plz :)

Antonio Ayala

For the next overtime go to a chiropractor

Yeims Menjivar

"A little cinnamon"😂

Jake King


Francisco César

what is the suit at 0:41 ? btw  never saw soo much easter eggs in one game ( theres still a ton that you didint found like the signs who say  random sentences like "do a barrel rool"

Sebi Miz

2:05 her face

Joshua Hagad

KD will score whatever he wants but Raptors will still makes the NBA Championship...