Meet Olga Rybalkina CEO of Forex Time LTD (FXTM)

Olga Rybalkina CEO of Forex Time LTD PhD in Economics Olga began in the forex industry in 1998 and for the last 8 years she has held top management positions, from Head of Finance to her position of CEO at ForexTime (FXTM). Olga believes that vigorous management helps employees develop and it positively affects the general result of business. She willingly invests her time, experience and energy into the people she works with, as personal and professional growth is an essential principle for everyone in the company and of course for Olga herself.

layan Albredi

I was 8,600 like😊


Guru, my boy, I kinda like how you have no outro. If you do get one,fine, won't lose sleep over it but in my opinion it's kinda part of your style or appeal. Most channels at the end of a video out some loud ass dub step that screams at you "SUBSCRIBE!!!" While your videos just kinda quietly and abruptly end just kinda saying "Hey,man subscribe if you want." Whatever just my two cents, at the end of the day it's just a an outro.Like I said it doesn't matter ill still enjoy your content as much. Happy new year.

Cati Da Duck

Boooo Fortnite

Success starts with passion, set goals , chase your dreams, work hard and be yourself. There's the happiness.

jiayi liu

garret has the best rocket no offonse others


This is the first video where I've heard you speak but damn man you have a good voice. You ought to start talking more in your Easter Egg videos if appropriate/fitting.

Lu G

Can we see a new mode that you can choose which season map to play on like in the playground sitting this you just choose the actual island it would just have normal guns classic ones like the AR the shotgun not a bunch of like infantry rifle scope assault rifle stuff.that way people who start playing season 6 could see the season 3 map where people from season 3 could go back and play on maps that they like instead of having to play on this one which even though it's good is a little lot in not anything like the original.

Alerts Camera

Kawhi wanted none of that LoL

Taylor Kay

The hairstyle that Anna has is the style I gavemy Barbie..... I cAn PrEdIcT tHe FuTuRe


Eh, what the F is this pretend crap.

Alivia Jordan

Face reveal with panda!! Like if u agree

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Dude Perfect's are real but Ricardo's were fake without a doubt

Mr. Bond

Do a shot from the top of the Burj Khalifa in dubai. lol. for those who dont know thats the tallest building in the world.


yeah they were good, but PS3 sucks and xbox owns it... totally...

Gaming With Nick

That's why black ops 2 had lava on zombie 27:37

Sam Lessard

this is amazing

but I’m not straight, Pan, Bi, Lesbian, Or anything like that..

Imran Abbasi

I did in my home 50 flips💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

ramen doodles


Aravindhan Sundararajan

Avengers : we want really a badass villain

Daemon 99

Cory ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to

Hannah Viars


Braydon Williams

That was a big eggsloption

Darrin Mykel

These graphics and the rendition of the original song gave me CHILLS.

Jose Rosales

Elle is so cute everybody is so cute

Z -Origins

An ancient leyend says if you say to your mom "i love u " she die for say to him a lie :'(


It always gets me excited to watch ur new videos😍🤩

Sarah Georgescu

I’m here thinking about my life decisions when I want a 10 dollar top from kohl’s 😂😂😂

Rebecca Heaton

get a mic if you want to.

Itz Deathstroke

Can someone tell me if there are any REAL easter eggs in Advanced Warfare?

Ali sade


VinNyVin Vin

Click baited Assholes


ritche parenas

1:46 is a reference with the simsons

Lori Witzel

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lonely wilf



This is going to make kids scared of the ocean... and everything

Dina Krastiņa


Jet Frost Gaming

Guessed Hunger Games and Jaws first. Others I was clueless.


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Phantasm Tunes

Lol how did you get back here?!??? best easter egg ever!!!