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Adum madA

Looks doo doo poo poo

Carmen James

I see NO death note references.

Grapie Greyson

yay fart


Jimmy Fallon was in Band of Brothers?!

Julia Davey

0:35 lololololol his face !!

Queen Emily

Damn, that voice is pretty sexy...



erikas cerniauskas

TY lought

Untitled Target

Congratulations Ethan and Hila! Makes you wonder what people 300 years had to deal with without all this tech doesn't it?

Tuấn Dũng Triệu

I like the BUBG video .Can you do it 1more video😂😂😂😂

Matt Kuchar

is not even dude perfect its dude perfect want besss

Caleb Watts

Dude perfect you guys should get Saquon Barkley from Penn State on.


I like my trey songs voice🥰🥰

Gabriel Neufeld

for the three things I would have on an island 1 a wifi tower2 GANS X3 computer


Awesome music


Poltergeist was the first asmr experience for me

Zach Attack Gaming

Tyler won.

Twitch BraidenYT

What is brown and sticky a stick

Shreya Som

I am telling ya all jungoo himself edited this.

Richard Chapman

1k has disliked this video have shame on. i liked the video it was cool to see all the kids happy when dude perfected was there

long video

The Dark Side :P

NASA be like: YOUR HIRED!!

lily tang

Panda win

Midnight Gaming

I would've just called 911 like...

Life with Fun

Girl Power

Pw Cy

Woah Jeremiah Valeska turned into a jedi what a glo up after bombing Gotham



now, before the crazies start saying it was great, it wasn't. Amazing CGI, average casting *with the exclusion of Ryan Reynolds,* and an awful plot.

megan b

Im Puerto Rican 🇵🇷🇵🇷 and i think ur beautiful


Metal gear solid V The Phantom Pain please :D

Sgt. Mcluvin Obrist

All of your videos are awesome but it’s videos like this that me happy


i was waiting so much for this video

The_Woodster323 The_Woodster323

Rip plant

Andrew Gonzales

Drum babbababbabababbaabbaaaa


The serious Sam one, you already showed that in the indie game easter egg video.


GuruKid's Shop... Really!? XD

LiCk My PuSsY aNd My CrAcK

I’m an immigrant too, but people love to know about my culture and what goes on when I back there, I hope you get better.


Who is watching in 2017

CrackWag3n Jax3n

Lol honeydew at the end


Hahaha I love the old Greg character you made

Jappesterî Keto

This guy didn't actually create the three stripes. It was actually bought from finnish shoe making company "Karhu", Cause Karhu had invented it first

Pepper Films

congrats on 4 million subscribers. you inspire me

Last Roze

What The Fox

Emily Tao

I knew because the picture at the beginning 😝

from death to give you new life, death has been defeated. Out of love and grace

Holden Smith

Type looks like an old Steve Carrell

Emma G

I thought the Rothschilds were the richest people in the world...

In 8th grade I was suicidal and my counselor found out who told my parents who were not supportive, I went to her and she talked it out with me RIP Nipsey Hussle 💎


The meow journal is just like me!

An I Oop

I have never been in a relationship and I dont want to,bc always the first relationship leads to heartbroken and I really can't face that

Or 100 million