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Leslie Oliver



j420 fahq

My cousin had cristic fibrosis and he lived till age 22 he passed recently and they said he would live under a year but he lived 22 years

Bella Bennett

I think people that dislike these vids are just bitches


Is it me or the teleporter thing refferences the saints row 4 teleport thing?

Blu Gill

used to be siren...


I do hope you guys like this one, It was one of the more requested videos I've gotten recently. I wasn't enjoying making this video too much surprisingly but I'm pretty happy with the results. I hope to do Gears of War next (my favourite series for easter eggs). There should hopefully be a new video out next week too. 

Daniel West

High five!

Abhishek Sreekumar



you are a bad person and a bad friend



F Maz

In the US, if you have a problems the solutions are either guns or walls.

BeautifulPink PrettyTreeYT2.0

you forgot the “whats that yellow smoke?” my grandfather was in one of those situation

Uriel Bautista


Anne Ramos

I have OCD and hate when people say that they have it they are too organized and gets annoyed when something is out of place. Well, I can't barely breath if I don't do some stuff first. I can't cross the street out of zebra. I cry and feel pain ;/ it is just like hell, and it's not funny.

Stephanie Young

I totally thought Brody was a Prescott

M Rafi Al Qarni


Salty Sause

#YIAYjob She is the manager of today's sponsor!

Gabriel Reymond

3:43 colorado???


Video about meat and it doesn't address the keto diet. Either severe lack of research or disingenuous. This is a very important topic for this discussion since it's quite popular, which means it would help a lot of people whether your provide evidence for or against it.


Keep up with the good stuff, awesome videos man!

valor omega

2:17 Ijust realised its about a girl

beasty dude

Thumbs down👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 for the people who disliked the video

Jonah Miller

If u like tenru, you'll love slowmagic - waited 4 u. That's a good song by them

linda wu

Your so lucky you didn’t get the three gen punishment

Young World

after watching this overtime 4 to 5 times i now realize there is no wheel unfortunate. even though i am a big fan and watch all the vids and by the way great video OT 8 because bloops was amazing

Rhealyn Borja

How did the father kill him self?



no i think ne plays baseball and others play basketball

Chad Cooper

ruth bahamon

My wish list:


just throw one of the empire state building and get the world record already

Dustin Midkiff

The last easter egg was the best

Mason Claxton

I think they should of focused more on stereotypical customers.

Weirdness Channel



Anyone notice that the scene from a bugs life and monsters inc is entirely in  the same setting? The trailer is the same and everything. Another Easter Egg!



Ali Sajid Kazmi

25 March 2019?

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