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Comic NerdDude

I already see the snowman Easter egg

mk blaster

I thought they are gonna date

Potato Oink


Sebastian Holguin

Best ever video I really liked it and your Google Easter eggs

Aiden op

you guys are using combat shotguns

k a n k e r


PewDie Pie


Pranav Agnihotri

These guys blow up 3,127 cookies, we laugh.Meanwhile, kids in Africa...

• Bughead Cooper •


Apathy ._.

You should do WW2 Easter eggs.

Rainbowtwinkle 2000

I tried showing/ telling my mum I think I have atelephobia (fear of never being good enough) but she said I was atention seeking and faking. I just feel worse...


Go rams

Alex Epstein

They’re like 9 yrs old

Samridh Kharbat

well edited video btw

Dwight TBS

2:39 "nice girls finish fast"=Nice girls finish last-Green Day easter egg 


nice day to start with funwithguru!

cookie chanel

Do you mean that i am like bules cos i am f*** irish

Barb Johnson

High to low

Mohammed Motasem

Finally another zombies song

Klara Mueller

Can u make your drinks a little cheaper pls I love Starbucks but sadly can’t rly afford it

MangoM3rc 2912

on the Easter egg where you pick up the alien gun in ghosts did anyone see the number plate that says 'ooh odor'?!?!?!?!

NorAisah Abdul Samad

Tangled (2010)



Subscribe to Brian Renaud

coby is like the chandler of dp

Peyton Bouma

I have a feeling you guys will be better than pewdypie some day very soon I Love you Guys!!!!!!!

J-Just It's sad because some people just can't afford to pay for medical things


Hi guys I’m doing the Arabic challenge

Harrison Hilbert

He pressed down on the burger. That's why they're dry

Dhdujsnd Ndjdjdnjc

Sorry doesn’t fix anything give me back my years of peace without you bullying me!😖

vault the storm thing

GTA: O shit, here i come again

Daniel Hyde

Tottenham team that’s who

tam tam

Wait he touch your 😒😒 . What the f##uck is he doing 🤔😱😖😡

Nommi BG

Cool vid man! Try making a top 10 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare easter eggs.

Crystal Barahona

Who else thought that was Lele Pons 🤦‍♀️🙋‍♀️


The end though

Neil Carter

I thank Garrett step over the ball

Avery Hewitt

I’m gonna cry. I wanna give mike a huge hug


this video was uploaded on my birthday

nishant छाट

Plz make a vedionon parkour

The Savage Squad

do gaming stereotypes

Denis Jasewicz

I love dude perfect keep it up guys

Ulices Rodriguez

i didn’t understand the one with the phone calls ?

Mr Mc Fluffy Pants Jr.

Why does the voiceover sound so fake?

killerX 123

Welcome back... Can you check Bully SE easter eggs for the next unused easter eggs video (part7) ?


and overtime

Eat small amounts of ALL food groups and LIVE !!!!


I love Breaking Bad eaterr eggs

Im scared of pain pain pain!!!!

Jesus Morales

NO nO!!!! BanNanA SwIRl!!!!¡¡¡!!¡¡ BAnnaNA SWiRL !¡¡!¡¡

it's like middle school all over again..


Один из лучших чемпионатов был в Бразилии


This is so sad though :(


I liked this video because of Dude Perfect and Jamie Benn...not for Tyler Seguin.

Noreen Waseem

Wohooooooooooo 10 millionnnnnnnnn