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Ketsueki Senso

What a beautiful baby. Like i know people say that to be nice, but they made a beautiful child. H3 is the father we all look up to now.

TheLost Trombone

I like how in the end you hear some shooting, some kicking them, "that had to bloody hurt" it made me laugh


What does it take to be apart of this ???? Yo hmu man

Tricky !

If only officer earl was here

Kathy Nguyen

Wendy is a bletch lasagna

the phantom dxer

Sorry, I've dropped my phone and it has seen better days before then. I meant, what are the signs that it's not really you and you're dealing with narcissism or some other form of abuse in someone else versus borderline personality disorder in yourself or paranoia or other things like that because I've reached the Crossroad.

Wood Love

I love clash of clans Afghanistan

Naxshaw Aryx

Anyone notice in the teaser, the title was exactly have stone have ice. Now it's a tad more ice than stone.

Kilat Plata

Coby love you

NKHF 1506

Breakthrough Trending :

Pards D.

I just graduated College and most of my friends figured out and got their job already. Some of them had a call for their job offer and job interviews. And there's me, feeling hopeless and useless. This video story gave me relief. Thank you.

la peor animación👎🏻👎🏻😤😤🤬

Isaac Abarca

do baseball trickshots


what is the first one?

Mung Le


MeeMariE Cova


Yo what’s your social media

David Boulch



How much guru could a guruchuck chuck




Try doing no man sky

Blog Da Duda

my hand

The Enigma Collective

I’m from America🇬🇧 prove this is the American flag

_Ur Money is Gone_

zane flynt ? zero 2.0?


Burger King isn't named King for fun. I mean the ice cream machine in our burger king is broken for weeks now, but who cares, mcdonalds is shit. And who the fuck is wendy

Literally nobody:

D.B Videos

Who is watching in May 2019?

Candice Brantley

You know always assuming is going to get you in trouble hun.

samuel mohamed jacob bone

There's another Easter egg called redemption me and my friends did it and there's a awsome cut scene explaining everything :D


Um sir that was a penis and animated or not im reporting this video 12:52

Heather Honeycutt

Im so tired of ty winning omg

Chase Cellucci

Where gar


they filmd a movie there it's called blended with Adam Sandler

ranjith Chandrasekar

Do a video with Tom Brady

Actimel challenge

who watching in 2017

Giada Cinotti-Gomez

I'm the human controller

Gibbzilla 326

You should do it with Wardell Stephen Curry


Just realized why this gurl in class lashes out at everyone sometimes and starts screaming at them for no reason and then she's the nicest bitch ever when they are giving her attention


That chocolate grenade was “BoMb”Woot woot


Wasn't this the story from Escape Room?

The Asmr girls

Is an the anxiety?