My First Successful & Profitable Trading Strategy 👍

✅ My first successful trading strategy Check Mark's Premium Course: Please like, subscribe & comment if you enjoyed - it helps a lot!My first successful trading strategy.Make sure you subscribe because I'm going to cover some failures I experienced.When I started off trading the UK was still behind the USA when it came to barrier to entry as far as trading was concerned.When I started off trading I got into direct market access and I could put in the orders directly into the exchange.A broker allowed me to put in the orders directly into the exchange wrapped up as a CFD.At that time the FTSE mining companies were moving massively and I remember stocks like Xstrata, BHB Billiton, RioTinto, Anglo American...A lot of these were often moving in synch; I would look at these stocks and pick the 3 that were most moving in synch.Then I would look at the second tier miners; the ones I actually wanted to trade.So I would trade these second tier miners based on the movements of the bigger miners.How would I replicate this in the current market environment?I wouldn't do it on the big exchanges.#best_strategy #profitable_strategyRelated VideoOne of My First Awful Trading Strategies 😔To Be In the Top 10% of Successful Traders 👍🏽


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Tiaraelijah Green

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Slime Boss

Was Cody British back then

Hai I'm MeCu

That clip from Happy as Lazaro is my friends and family when during finals week.



Uma Nolan

I have that toaster oven

Dante Upshur

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Jasmin Khattak

I know how you feel. I always feel broken when I hear my dad's yelling or normal voice. I used to look up to him and look down at mom. And now it's the opposite. My dad is an alcohol addict. And we're struggling with money. But all my dad does is yell at my mom, drink, and smoke. My mom smokes too but at least she rolls her cigarettes instead of spending 8 dollars on cigarettes.

Reva Hendon

Had 1 panic attack when I was 8 and was hospitalized. They said it was a panic attack. There was no reason for it. Didn’t have one again until 26. Now I get them all the time. My neck and back tense so much, sometimes feels burning, I get dizzy, very cold, my teeth chatter like I have a high fever, my vision changes kind of like I’m looking through a fish bowl. Worst symptom though is psychological. Thinking that you’re dying. During the really bad panic attacks I sometimes wish I would die because they hurt so bad, and the fear is that intense. Fortunately, over the years, they are more mild and happening less frequently, because I understand what’s going on and know I’m not in real danger. Also, strangest thing is they happen every winter. Only in the winter.

Chantel Monique



Amy Roden

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Fredbeargaming and friends

battlefield 3 boots:WHAT ARE THOSE!


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COD's ways to get Easter Eggs are as repetitive as the games...

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Master Gamer

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Darth Eleven

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If anyone gets pain the only thought in my mind is stop crying chin up if you don't I'm gonna show you what real pain feels like


Welcome to the first season of TV Easter Eggs, a sequel to the critically acclaimed Movie Easter Eggs series. So Jessica Jones actually turned about to be pretty good, surprising for me seeming as I disliked Daredevil. If you haven't seen it, watch it. If you haven't got Netflix, go back to your home planet. I hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching!

The poor kids



Diego Sheish

@emeraldynasty it represents the solitude of the soul. That feeling of emptiness when you realize you are similar, but different from everyone else, and the desperation of being unable to change the reality in which your mind develops.

Pikachu gaming Stevens

A bbq sandwich fromManny’s the mex grill


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Greg Lou


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Maverick 13

Watch Tyler in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint trailer.....

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