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My Trading Platform:❏ good Youtube!This is just a quick introduction video sharing:• How I got into trading forex • The purpose of this channel• Where I am currently as a trader This is only the beginning guys! Most of the things I will share will be from my personal experiences because I'm no expert or professional but hopefully you'll find something from my videos that is somewhat helpful. I'm so excited to share my journey with you guys and girls. Don’t forget to subscribe and turn that bell notifications thang on, so you don’t miss out on some hot fire flames content that’s dropping real soon!(Sorry about the awkward lighting, the sun was coming in and out of clouds haha)—SOCIALSInstagram: free to hit me up on the DMs! MY TOP BOOKS#1 Trading Psychology: Self Development Book: #1 Spiritual Enlightenment: Started It All For Me: Reading: EQUIPMENTMonitor: Camera: #forextrading #forexjourney #forextradingjourney


I am in love with your videos.

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Still Alive - a portal 1 credit song

Baseball Fanatic

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Ramiro Martinez

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Travin Elliott

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Miriam Quevedo

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ExtraSpicyRice Xbox

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They seem like they have so much less money back then

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Wendy’s won

Battle of the Sexes (the haircutting, spray, tone, and music)

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I'm in love with your videos...can you please make tutorial how you make them this way pleeaaaaase i love your sketching and your explanations

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I don't think you could be that much of a person

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Day 3: Considerable amount of blood.


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They’re so inspiring and really well done



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The Real hunters

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Btw I'm really crying right now. This video is so emotional.

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