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you should do drake


I actually really like this type of trailer, not spoiling much just making me want to see it! :)

Maduakolam Ifeyinwa

Lil Wane

Pahal Thakkar

Nelson Mendela Nelson TuesdaylaNelson WednesdaylaNelson ThursdaylaNelson FridaylaIf you understand this joke then you are a true legend

Neones _

How did you start your youtube career?

Aryn Min

I just finished 4 tacos while watching this 😂😂

H- G93422HN

Kim Jung Un is clapping


Plot twist: He’s Rasputin

jack deserved better


「 Mushroom 」

I compare myself 24-7! (Low self esteem)

Jacob Follows Jesus

Simple minded shit

Bryce Parrish

Why is he celebrating he owes him $50 now!!!!!!!! (confused)


World of Warcraft/revenge of the sith.

Marlone Babsvik

I am a table tennis player. I am waiting for you to do a Ping pong trickshots episode with one of the best players in the world like Ma Long or Patrick Francizca🙂

Paromita Das

you should open an rc channel with drones

Ben Jones

i can do that. hold my beer

Loretta McGehrin

Cut to the elbow.Go back up top.BANANA SWIRL!BANANA SWIRL! Cut to the ground.I got you over here jumpin for joy.Time out.What is that?I told y’all to move.That’s not moving.Communication is key.

Aaliyah Salie

JEFF ??!! LELE !!?? Love y'all !! And credits to Rudy too !! 💕👌😘

Chase Emerine

Adam it isn't their job

Gabriel Tran

Still watching this in 2019