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kr challenges

Truck parking with trailer😀

Mostafa Cheaib



SAM! Don't compromise cooking excellence for those with the pallet of a gerbil! You're message is to "Make America Cook Again" not "Make America Ruin Meet Again".

Jr McCubbin

Dude that was AWESOME

Torquosis LivingManPerson

OH MY FUCKING GOD, I CAN'T TAKE THE INTERRUPTIONS ANYMORE. Youtube needs to let Creators choose the placement of the fucking Ads so that I don't get pulled out of the content I'm watching as soon as I get into it dude!

Magda Giordano

It looks beautiful I hope they’ll make it happen


I got 81 of them lol

Camdyn Hurst

i was at the ocean and caught a par of goggles

Lazarbeam1 D


Quetzal Ocampo

you guys should team up with oakland raiders


I do all the symptoms except for number 9

Lee Lu

After the 1900 massive, deadly hurricane in Texas, Galveston island built a seawall. It exists today and still protects quite well.


They did not fucking cheer for the injury they thought it was a turnover and the mans on a fastbreak ofc they gonna cheer

Anyways, you are the bravest, courageous and never giving up girl I've ever known about!💖💖💖💖💖💖👍👍👍

Mady y

I'm glad that there is kind person in this cruel world


How do you afford all of these games?


Who else got goosebumps

Aaron Allen

Don't look in its eyes.

Varsha Suryawanshi

Why don't you make swimming pool trick shots

Anna Thomas

sorry panda

Cigna YT

2:46 cory fly to winconsin again hahaha


blegh, christians... better be orthodox.


2:11 LMAO as soon as that dude saw guillermo

Head_as_boi _

This is actually kind of scary because I’m young and my life is similar ☠️

Puteri Adreanna

Liked my comment if you are the early group if you are not early still like my comment

Andrei Pastrana

If they did it in a lake where many people swim they could find many things

syrelle javier

Dude cool

freefire love/gamer

Give me one drone

Alberto Rihan (Student)

Gigle yeah

Thicc Boss

That song was absolute gash.

The Shark08

Hockey battle

Will Clark

They need a spike ball court

U deserve it

Over Blox

world record make it again like if you think so

Ashplayz Games

anyone noticed the candle wind trick was from 5 minute crafts

Nobody Worth Anything

too much potter

Hendre Breet

You should have a paintball vield