Position Size and Risk Management using ATR

Risk Management and Position size calculation by

Benjamin Daza

42 en Tendencia Chilee!!!

Remember that in the dark times it doesn't stay dark forever. With Christ you are never lonely and with a baby you shouldn't feel alone. A baby is someone that will always love you as long as you love your baby. God has used me not only to love and meet the needs of my babies but he also uses them to bring encouragement to me.

Kitsune Music

Wat 0_o

Tyler Sweat

Dude perfect do a madden 17 battle it will be awesome

Your Daily Bread

Ohhhh dude perfect looks different hereee xD


That ending 😂😂


After watching this video several times, I have decided: we need them in NASCAR.

Ceramic Wheat424

Lol she is black (N I 🅱️🅱️ A (MEME)) LOLNOT MINES, PINES XD

Javed Roberts

Respect my nigga. All the way from the Caribbean. R.I.P Nipsey Hussle. #TheMarathoncontinues

we miss that so much ❤️


I love how Guru didn't put any jump scare bullshit in his videos

Janine Hem Lee

that rich girl needs a dictionary.

Mary S

I thought they broke up.


That TLOU remix is fuckin lit, you could spit some serious fire over that track!

Malon: "Oh, fuck you!"

Stanime 306


yvonne exantus

U guys make beautiful couple


Applause to this graceful woman, she made the right decisions by leaving that shitbag

lukas johnsson

I would like to point out that when youre talking about diabetes, you should point out that youre talking about Type 2 Diabetes since eating meat does not increase the chance of Type 1 Diabetes from what we know.

madison m

it took me 6 months to gather what I wanted to say, when I told them everything came out at once and didn’t make sense. my mom treated me like I was an unstable mental patient. she finally got me a counselor. today, 2 years later, though she still doesn’t believe me when I have panic attacks and depressive episodes for no apparent reason. yolo wish she believed me:)


dude I love your top 10 videos keep it up

time to get a divorce


All Sprts Golf Battles 2...

Sujatha Shyam

I have never cried so much

Nurul Suciati

Tayler id ok

Sarah Gray


1. Its Fallout so like!

Christian and Shannon Allwardt

Hey matpat could you do a theory about the secret life of Launchpad McQuack


I've never jerked off to a YouTube video before but Ocelot is so fuckin' sexy--

Ray P

What a babe & what a beast!!

Dawson Leonardi

I bet they practice so much

Emily Greer

I was born with cancer in my right eye and had to go through surgery at the age of 3. My vision is like wearing an eye patch.

However, I will reiterate my earlier comment on this video; please don't tell this (fictional) girl to "die" or "cry more" or "you deserved it"; it sounds pretty harsh, especially if you try reading that from a "middle-ground view". I happen to be gay, so... I understand the frustrations, but, please, tone it down a little. We want people to accept us, not assume we're all vicious.

Viktor the victor

Keep fighting no matter what. If not for yourself, then for others with similar problems. You have to be strong. Be strong, not to compare yourself with those who are stronger than you, but to inspire those who are weaker.

Destructionz _Life

I’m Houston tex

Kamerin McLaughlin

ho is panda


Teen plays pokemon go outside, finds dead body... Tech has gone too far...

Way 2 Much 4 U Boi

Coby he has a chance

Michael Quint

why don't they make a video about panda

Fernando Gontijo

how the fuck do you find these? haha awesome video

McMenu _54

The car wash scene reminds me of grown ups

Milkyway Anime


Kaiden Hockett

We'res dude perfect storm at

Destiny Rose

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Minty Wolf

I've been watching your videos for a year now and I realised I never clicked the subscribe button


I love this channel man. Keep the videos comin. Your my #1 source when it comes to finding easter eggs is some of my favorite games.


Thank you for posting this... I really needed to hear that 😊

Khirro Toribio

Is that the brother of thor

Aaron Villarreal

I think he is a fat little asian/american.

Matteo Ponzellini


Love Fambro

Omg if I were her mother I would have a family discussion featuring some bullets. Nobody should be treated that way.

six 6

if I ill get 6 likes i will not suicide 😭😭

Peacock babies nursery 01

Reminds me of how I met my past friend when I was going through a very difficult time

Mamuff \o/

get fucked Activision.

Loïc Stas de Richelle

Everything in this clip is awesome the video is really good and the music is incredible like every time with NF continue like that bro😁

Camille Brewer