Price Action, Order Flow and Transitions - 2ndSkiesForex

In this video I discuss how to read the price action, order flow and transitions behind trends and reversals. For more forex videos, make sure to check out my website

Forgotten ACE

i feel like women dont know much about anything

Gurpinder Singh Bhanghu

Dudes you are perfect

Luz Hernandez

Tyler has the nicest dunk I have ever seen I wish i was that talented good job Tyler every one give Tyler a round of a plause

Vaas Montenegro

Funny how the elevator (near 1:28) actually LOOKS like a bathysphere :D

Kyle Roesner

Why are thease jokes in kids shows in the first place

emo haralampiev

In Paladins: champions of the realm, some voice lines are a referance to GoT, Lians pre-game: "in this game you win or you die", Also Furias line just after you start the game might not be a referance, but could be influenced by the nights watch vow: "I am the protector of the innocent, I am the flame in the darkness, I am Vengeance!" Also I can't remember who had it but Iremember someone had a voice line that was something Dany said in the show but I can;t remember who or what.

Echo Indigo

How...HOW did she survive?!?! I mean...I'm so glad....but I'm baffled...God works in mysterious gosh....

moxie hope

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C dub Warren


S jenkins helzner

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mercy uwu ツ

that thumbnail though

A. Jutt

favorite easter egg in video games? Also excited for Dishonored 2?

I normally wouldn't nitpick, but you refer to yourself as a "purist" so I thought you'd like to know.

john genesis umali

"Cory tried to plank haha!"

Bobby Santiago Gaming



5:38 Why are there unarmed men fighting Big Foot? That's like trying to beat up Stalin...

Shed MC

I’m English so I thought it was Soccer


I'm a little of a gallon of water guy cause I go through two bottles of water in a rigorous workout.


GTA V is the best Avengers' game 😎👌🔥🔥


How can I submit a story?


eww bruv. the 'dad' had sex with a child every night?! ;-;



Christmas came early 😂

Azi Mo

I just noticed. The rainbow goes to the Zafford's bar (An Irish clan)

Aishma Gurung

cleavage goes wrong

cody rillera


Carolina Escobar

I’m your fan I love Harry Potter

Lip Ammunition: all of them. they would look great as lip toppers!

Kevin Fegley

@lolroflburger k so youre a fuckin dumbass.. ever heard of wind??and spinning the ball when you release it automatically causes it to curve..great example is soccer shots

i loike spinish

why tf is she saying "invalid"? ik shes one herself, but i as if that word is offensive... almost like a burden. i prefer disabled or injured


obviously the guy smiled cause Bruce Lee just kicked someone he hated in the ass


@ahmeeeeeeeeeeeed Because that was his 200th try. Why would he fit in NBA because of luck?


Still reminds me of Breath of the Wild

Her: yes

omq_jazmine !!!

This used to be called "I nearly didn't write Harry potter"


Are you guys okay??

You are an awesome youtuber. I don't know if you remember me but I know you replied to a couple of my comments and I think that's amazing, you're the very first youtuber who has done that and that makes me feel special. Keeping working hard, I'm a veteran in your channel and your improvements are remarkable.