Profitable Forex strategy used by George Soros

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Hampus Öhman

i feel bad for the black power ranger. he got an invite of a lifetime to play with dude perfect and his buddies get to race and do archery and all he got to do was bottle flips. that’s really sad


collab with PewDiePie mister

Brody Stephany

2019??ok it’s just me

Shanmuk Shanu

12917364 fans I am one of them

David Parker

Team coby all the way

Aldyfa Naufal

Call of Duty 1 Easter Egg ? 

Rainbow Phoenix

What if this girl said, is it wrong to disagree with racial equality?

jacob henke

idk, lol.

Alanna Cooney

A113 is also in Incredibles 2 in the last scene, shown as one of the movies at the movie theater for Violet's date.

Its you who chooses what your meaning to life is going to be.

Jared Ozkaya

Where is that

Richard Kim

i give them extra love for ty liking lone survivor


I still be thuggin', I'm sorry, mama

Dayanas revenge

if my bf asks to send pics i’ll just send him animal photos cause there cute 🐳

Yulita Qurrota'ayun

Aku pengen tuku seng akeh


Next video: I got fired from my publishing house job for rejecting Harry Potter.

Anonymous Assasin

If you’re my girlfriend the present that I will give you a slap

Estúpido y sensual Flanders

Fuck you, you screwed up the Frozen world in Kingdom Hearts 3 with your stupid meddling.

Pharo D

Sticky tree frog......4 years later

Tristan Pangilinan

More more!

Keep it up

Alex Kobs

Forgot the ghost in the bathroom.

Precy Mangloña

I thought this was "I woke up in a stranger's apartment"not"My dad stood up to my abusive mom"

J.A.R. 369

I don't get the ending is that mean he is dead if he is RIP I love your videos 😔

Nicole Despain

Im so sorry guys keep ur heads up she will always be with you

Carrie Dunaway

Where was Coby in the outro?

Gaming 4 fun


Hunter Sasso

Fucking LOVE you guys!


Jeremy Wade vs Bear Grylls (Sometimes they sound so similar to me) Papa-Touching girls!?(In wrongs spots!?)

Shylaja PV

Ty's head would be cool for a target

Karna yg membuat rekreasi kyk gini susah