Prosta Analiza Price Action na przykładzie FOREX (giełdy walutowej).

Budowa systemu inwestycyjnego na podstawie Price Action to podstawa każdego inwestora. Price Action wskazuje nam poziomy podaży i popytu. Nic nie zastąpi właśnie tej analizy. Zobacz również system akcji: Sprawdź nasze pełne Szkolenia FOREX:Spekulacja na Rynku FX dla początkujących:spekulacji FX (trading agresywny): na bazie analizy fundamentalnej (Forex oraz Akcje):dla inwestorów FX analiza Techniczna:uzupełniające:Power Trader naganie z Wrocławia Money Manager PRO (triki optymalizacji systemów FX)

o̷u̷t̷c̷a̷s̷t̷'̷s̷ ̷c̷l̷u̷b̷

i love the power puff girls one

Campbell Kilian (Student)

bean bag trick shots please

Jay Renfro

The harambe meme is dead 😔


Doop Doop Dap

Me, who has been defeating champions since Pokemon Red: laughs in hidden

Kay Pitts

Mr excuses sucks at fishing

Javier Romero

I like panda

trevor mitchell

If I become a member can I go on a date with Liz!? Like for Liz and I!!!


Awesome video. Keep the good work goin'

Your's Sarika

Give all your Stress and Anxieties to Lord Jesus Christ...He understands you and your issues. He will heal you and give you everlasting Peace...😊

Rashmi Lakhe

Who is that frisbee master 😎😎😎😎😎😎

Lisa Charles

I could never do that

Kira-Victoria Holt

What did he do to you!?

New York Yankees TV

Did you do this in Charleston South Carolina

Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader

0:32 God that kid is cringy

D4rKLezz army

2019 anyone?

Audra Lewis

Living for the race car pajamas and watching him jump. I love Marbles 😍


Like u so muchhhhh😘😘😘😘

emerson thorpe

smosh is trash now

The Kat makes art


Double Fire

If somebody lays a finger on my friend I will not allow them to breath the same air as her . Or any air .

John Mirra

Just what every star wars game was missing, uncharted style climbing, fucking why? Ooh look he can use the force to grab the vine, nigga nathan drake just jumps and catches the vines.

Richi Salgotra

I love the cool not cool segment

Ahmed 123

Am eating air


Logan Paul would love the plate shot

Cristian Salto

Kinda looks like kum kum

Khanhdung Tran

Do a water bottle flip video

Captain Sharkey

Oh no... another 999 korok seeds to collect!


I love when I see you have a new video in my sub-feed. I always look forward to seeing your vids man. Keep up the good work!


Too much and he was so out of tune maybe a cold?

Rafael Martins Gusmão

What about a Remake too? Hehe


Yes,she probably shouldn't have sent that to him but that was something personal between them both! When they split, it should have been forgotten and he should have just deleted it and moved on.

Kitty For life

I guess bullied is a bad word


yeah just the end of the world

I expected a remake but can't complain. [PSFanboyism]However i'm quite pissed that other consoles are getting all these games that were PS exclusives...[/PSFanboysim] Edit: nvm just saw it on the description

Justine Ariel Jayde Keeskitay

Omg my name is in this video 😱


3:16 😂


Molly is making up reactors, lol

mushroom boi hi

This whole video was like a roller coaster ride

Nolan Kennedy

I slapp the like button every vid like if agree


Owww! I laughed way to hard at this! :-D


I still have no idea what's going on

Shinobi X

This video was great, but I do wish you used the classical boomerang design more often. I get that the one's used were better designed to work with aerodynamics and all that, but I just like the aesthetic of the original and would of liked to see it at least once or twice.

Nicholas Washington

bike ride trick shots