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crazy boiz

never imagined

Cael Ward

the first easter egg was the same as just cause3

RNC Monkeys

watch dogs 2 pleas

Aldyfa Naufal

Call of Duty 1 Easter Egg ? 

Kevin Malone

hmm... I wonder where he is now?

Denizhan Özaydınlı

🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 1:18 Türk olanlar belki anlamıştır hoş geldinizi altyazida yanlış yazmışlar 🇹🇷🇹🇷😎

George margetts

Do more ping pong trick shots

Darren DeLuca

Boo Cowboys

Aaron Knight

You listen to Elenne aswell??! Omg! Such an underated artist! Glad she is getting the publicity deserved! Big ups guru


Where’s Kawhi?

3:33 that's not how metabolism works -_-

Mikmik Sulit

Im learning how to pogo butmy pogo stick is this one : 2:56


Honestly, are we gonna avoid Cory’s insane archery skills?

Carson Bill

The logic in the title is sound

Father Grucci

Jamie mentions crunchy peanut butter is good for you.goes to fridgegrabs crunchy peanut butter and starts eating itI am eating healthy now!


I went to sky ranch it was the best three day field trip ever and I wish I could go back

new ripple effect

Stephen Curry is such a humble leader. Respect.

Dee Cookie

Light skinned Africans are the beauty ideal

Help the Legendary boy

Harry is so dud d


Make more

rollutollu g6

that sexy megalodon face :D

Zoe Bacon

codes duh.

Evangelina G



Yo Guru......yo, you're hurting me dawg. You're hurting me man. D:

Coskun Erdogan

On my Bday

epic man

The sign says "the rapist" 🤔

Nathan Cross

what was the song in the video

Blue Darner

Only sometimes...

Hannah Rodriguez

the lonest allyloop

GamRider H

Thanks Nintendo. I bought my switch back on the day to play BotW 1. I have enjoyed every moment of playing it. I will be more than happy to buy the second generation of the switch if its what it takes to play this masterpiece.

S Kader

Two times the editor put 485 when he said 458

Gaming For Eternity

0:00 who shoots with both wrists... wut?

daniel you a poop

Wow this is dope

3hed _2

How can I help a friend with anxiety?..

Arsila Sumbal

My favourite one is Cory!!

(24 hours later)


Simpson's hit and run best game ever

1. Wallet


Girl dont worry about your hair I had an illness Hodgkin Lyphoma I have finished since December had chemotherapies and radiotherapies. Your hair will Grow more than the last time. Mine growed a lot faster than i expected I have got a haircut 4 times since then and I was completely bold. It is the chemotherapies that affect hair. And your hair are gonna regrow like you were a baby. Eat good be happy and most importantly prove everybody you are strong especially the jealous people of the life you had before I did that and the doctors are impressed of my and everybody else.

Second part: telling a story about how she marries some guy

Abrour Rayhan

Last two both of em make me cry :')

Mr Fugl

Coby got slapped by Cody 10:39

Pleb Gamers

I read it as the table said I was a girl

I need subs please

She is the jerk

Regina Getter

"I look like I just got injections... Which is what I like." 😂😂😂 Ilysm girl 💜

Carla Wyatt

Omg i think I have both

The Truth

No1 on trending this is going to freeze 🥶 the internet....


I wish u will be better

Floppy Gaming

U guys are lucky cause there’s no snow in Australia 😥😭😭😢😥

Geometry Dash Master

I’m selling restart buttons 00:0 00:0 00:0 00:0 | they cost all cost 1 like


Did someone forget to animate Jon Bernthals face?